Shinobi: Tales of the Forgotten

by Meme01

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Date added: Feb 12 2017
Last updated: Mar 7 2017
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What is Tales of the Forgotten?

An upcoming, anime-inspired game based on the Shinobi world. Tales of the Forgotten thrusts each player into a diverse, multi-faceted world. One in which the barbaric profession of being a cold-blooded Shinobi is glamorized.

A world where morality isn't black and white, but rather ambiguous. But most importantly, the world is free to be mended. The game is intended to be highly immersive and highly interactive, as any RPE (Roleplay Environment) ought to be dictated by the player's action -- not what the power that be may want to occur.

So! If you want to support a RP game where the staff truly and sincerely wants the story to be crafted by YOU? Then stop on by, and support the our endeavors!