Dragonball: Old Fate

by Meniam
Dragonball: Old Fate
Do you have what it takes to become the strongest? Come in and Train,Fight,Level,Explore,Chat,Complete quest,join tournament and alot more! [More]

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Version 1.8
Date added: Aug 5 2007
Last updated: Sep 7 2009
Last played: Jan 6 2008
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Special Note:
I've been really busy in real life, school has started again for me aswell.
In the year I'm in now I'll be going trough some hard sh*t, exams,tasks,etc...You know what I mean.
When I started on this game I was quite a bit younger, trough the years I've been learning more about byond and coding.
But still, in the end, I can't deny the fact that I'll be having not enough time to work on this game.(same goes for my other games)
Don't worry, this doesn't mean I'm stopping with working on my games, this just means all the releases for all my games will be delayed until I have vacation again(Which is probably this december)
I hope you all understand.


Android 13 power up

1,No killing at Starter place! 2,Dont spam 3,Dont spam kill 4,Be nice 5,Dont beg 6,Obey Gm's 7,Enjoy!


Level1,(open) Level2,(open) Level3,(Open) Level4,(Open) Level5,Meniam!


Updates 1,Added new turfs 2,New look of the stats 3,Normal leveling 4,New map 5,Good stats gain


Help 1,We need a 24/7 hoster! 2,We need a iconner! 3,We need a Back-up hoster!

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