The Saloon

by Mikau
The Saloon
A feature enriched chat environment with a secondary focus on mini-games. [More]

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Version 0.16
Date added: Feb 23 2011
Last updated: Apr 10 2012
Last played: May 29 2016
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The Saloon
The Saloon is a chatting environment that was started when it became aware that Chatters was a dead horse.

The Primary focus of the project is simple, a chatting environment rich in features, but simple to use. The secondary focus is a miniature games hub within the program to give users something to do whilst they chat.

The Saloon currently features one game of Video Slots, with Black Jack, Video Poker, and Classic Reels in the works.

If you would like to work on The Saloon, the source can be found here, just let Mikau know what you plan to do so he can give you write access.
Project Lead and Lead Programmer
Paul Brown
Chris Thiessen Kyle Evans
Kyle Kemp Terry Brown
Christopher Boland Corey Lay
Dale Michaud Jonathan Calafrag
Michael Sonier Joshua Springs
Stephen Badger


Darker Legends: (Apr 21 2012, 5:15 am)
They went back to Chatters.
Techgamer: (Apr 21 2012, 4:58 am)
hrm, where is everyone?
Zane5494: (Apr 8 2012, 7:20 pm)
Why do people try to troll this game's forums for personal reasons? I mean fine... okay... you been banned for being complete idiots... your fault... not Mikau's.

Superfetch@: its funny that you mention that... because I remember reading something Mikau said before... "I tried hosting a different server to see if it was my dedicated one". He basically tried to find the reason for a "few" players having trouble connecting. He TRIED to find out "if" the problem was on his side instead of others.
Superfetch: (Feb 21 2012, 6:23 am)
It's funny how their response to almost everything is, "It's not our fault, it's yours."
Winning: (Feb 21 2012, 1:10 am)
Lol and I got rebanned for finally logging on and saying "FINALLY I HATH BE UNBANNED" smh abusive bitches.