Excel Rayne - Season 7: End of an Era

by Mista-mage123
[Text-RP with Battle System] The cartridge is loaded, the gun cocked. Now, the chosen few must embrace their fate, by facing the wind. [More]
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Date added: Aug 10 2010
Last updated: Dec 21 2017
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Enter a new rp-world. Using a tweaked version of the rp-radio engine, a new universe unfolds. New heroes, villains, and plot await.

Synopsis :

S0- Friends, united after a normal schoolday, discovered a secret organization in society known as the Order. Unable to escape, they were captured by this secret government, and placed into a deep sleep. They awoke in a digital world, known locally as the Dream Field. The reasons for their being in the world are unknown, as the Order are using their sleep as an attempt to discover some hidden information about an ancient race known as the Templar. In this digital world, the pain is very much real, and as the developing heroes search for a way to return to their real world, they find themselves helping others in this world along the way. Perhaps...the only things that are real, is what you make real. With the table set, and guns cocked, the duel against fate begins!~

Gameplay: Excel Rayne utilizes an advanced text-based RPG Battle System that has been under development and refinement for over seven years. The result is phenomenal. As you level up your character, you can develop them exactly to your tastes, you will learn skills based on your character's development. And, as you progress in character development, more systems in the game will become available and unlocked for you.

The current level cap for 'Season 7 - End of an Era' is 110.

Schedule: We usually RP on weekends, there is no set schedule at this time. IF the game is up on a weekday, it's probably up for Chat, PvP, and Arena purposes, no RP. There are notable exceptions, and we sometimes rp around holidays.

Magic-Aware Classes | Normal Classes
Reaver Guardian
Slayer Fighter
Priest Thief
Sorcerer Gun Knight
Avatar Blade
Necromancer Agent
Summoner {Subscribe} Dragon Knight {Subscribe}
Fang {Subscribe} Data Hacker {Subscribe}
Demon Hunter Monk
Musician (Subscribe) Scout

REAVER : Reavers are humans that have been tainted by the etherworld. They are cursed and cannot cast standard magic just by being taught it. In order to cast abilities, Reavers have to kill their "teacher", and absorb the very essence of their soul, to "feel" that magic within them, enabling them to cast it. Therefore, the only abilities Reavers can cast are ones they steal from their enemies. Reavers, as they level up, will be able to improve their spell-stealing abilities.

GUARDIAN : Guardians are standard issue knights for the Templar. They accel in swordplay and defending, but aren't a master of either. Guardians are extremely agile, and use this to their advantage on the battlefield extremely well. Guardians can either focus on attacking or defending, or be a little good at both, that choice is left in the guardian themself. Guardians increase their abilities by channeling their stats into their choice of preference, attacking or defending, and the skills they learn will be geared towards that

FIGHTER : Fighters are melee and close-quarters based fighters, trained for the sole purpose of defeating enemies with their own hands. The more they train and battle, the stronger they become. Fighters learn skills by leveling up, and by fulfilling certain requirements with each level. Experience is a must for fighters, that is how they grow strong.

SLAYER : Slayers are knights that walk the path of magic. They focus more on magic than close-quarters combat, but can battle such when necessary. Slayers also can learn the dark arts, but they stray away from learning about the 'Forbidden Spells'. Slayers increase their skills by focusing their stats.

PRIEST : Priests focus on white magic, they are extremely valuable to any team since they can heal and protect their allies. They aren't much for damaging enemies, though, and should work on defence as they are more likely to be targeted by the enemy due to their nature. Priests obtain their most valuable skills from 'white magic scrolls' which can be obtained by the enemy and purchased from shops.

SORCERER : Sorcerers focus on black magic, they are extremely valuable to any team since they can damage and negatively affect their enemies. They aren't much for damaging enemies, though, and should work on defense as they are more likely to be targeted by the enemy due to their nature. Sorcerers obtain their most valuable skills from 'black magic scrolls' which can be obtained by the enemy and purchased from shops.

THIEF : Thieves are usually common folks, but there are some trained thieves within the Order and Templar. They are experts at stealing goods from targets, as well as sneaking around undetected. They are experts at ambushing and can even perform some assassinations, they are extremely skilled with a knife as well. Thieves learn skills by leveling up and stealing 'Skill Scrolls' from enemies.

GUN KNIGHT : Gun Knights are the trained assassins within the Order. Their skills with guns and ranged weapons are unmatched, and they are extremely valuable because of this. Gun Knights learn skills by leveling up and obtaining 'Bounty Scrolls' from slain targets.

NECROMANCER: Necromancers are magic-based spell casters that have turned to the dark. While they don't have dark purpose, they still rely on dark power to win wars. Because of their nature, they are not part of the military, and are looked down upon by society. Necromancers learn abilities by focusing their stats.

AGENT : Agents are secret operatives that exist in both the Order and Templar. The agents of the templar and agents of the order however, look very different. While agents of the order tend to wear black, templar agents blend in with society. Agents learn skills via 'ideas' at random when winning any battle.

SUMMONER : Summoners are extremely rare, and hard-to-find magic-users that have the ability to summon creatures from magic itself. Summoners learn abilities by focusing all of their stats.

DRAGON KNIGHT : Dragon Knights are knights that fancy using lances in their battles, and are extremely useful for penetrating the enemies defenses. To strong dragon knights, even the most powerful armor means nothing to their piercing strike. Dragon Knights are experts with the lance, however, they also are known to use shields and swords mid-battle. Dragon Knights learn abilities by focusing their stats.

AVATAR : Avatars are ancient shamans that possess magic both black and white. They are apt magic users, channeling the spirits of the beasts they slay to give them strength. Avatars learn abilities by slaying varying types of monsters.

BLADE : *Earns bonus valor points instead of trait points. Cannot acquire trait points.* Blades are, as you would think, masters of the blade. All of their abilities focus around blades, be it Swords or Knives. They're extremely useful and well-known for their agility, sought after to become Assassins and Knights. Blades do not walk the path of either, choosing instead to walk down the path they create, their weapon creating that bridge. Blades execute skills in succession, and learn skills by focusing stats.

FANG : *Earns bonus valor points instead of trait points. Cannot acquire trait points. Cannot put points into Intelligence* Fangs are specialized users of magic, that prefer to use Fists, Claws, as well as Staffs as their weapons of choice. When approaching a Fang, use caution. Fangs prefer to wait for the right time to strike, then launch an insane combination of moves to destroy their targets as quickly and painlessly as possible. Fangs like maintaining the peace. Fangs learn skills by focusing stats and leveling up.

DATA HACKER : Data Hackers are perhaps the most mysterious class of all. They're extremely small in numbers, though their numbers have been increasing lately due to unknown circumstances, though a large portion of it could be contributed to the ever-increasing of the Excel's prescense in all servers. Data Hackers cannot use magic, and their physical ability is strained enormously. However, their handicap is balanced by their powerful control of Data Flow, allowing them to use skills similar to magic, even though they aren't magic-aware. Data Hackers learn skills by Deleting Enemies.

DEMON HUNTER : Very rarely, one infected with the Excel Virus may bring children into the world before death. The child that results from this may have a high resistance to the virus, even as small remnants exist in their body from their parents. This high tolerance allows them to perform arcane arts that would be too damaging to the body otherwise. Demon Hunters, like their Reaver cousins, are capable of harvesting souls and use this to power their ability on the battlefield. Demon Hunters use Scythes and Claws, and would not hesitate to use the forbidden spells lost in ancient times.

SCOUT : Before the fall of the Old Thieves against the might of the bandit clan, a small group of rogues escaped to the elfen wood in eastern germany, forging an underground cult. Among these was a lone squire, who made a living by selling his arts to aspiring scouts. Scouts wield crosscows, longbows, and knives, sometimes needing to take plenty of arrows and potions for longer journeys. Alongside using ranged attacks, scouts can scout the terrain, freely bound into the air, and wittle down defensive targets with a mastery of venom.

CYBORG : An aging lab deep in the confines of Honshu, once home to the late knight of the dark, Lucifer, continued a deepening research in the illusive industry of biogenetic engineering. The secretive group, calling themselves Unit 731, gave rise to a new kind of soldier. Spinal enhancements paved the way for Man's seemless command of advanced machinery wired to the bone. Cyborgs typically employ casual wear, immersed in society. The technological exo-skeletal suit typically associated with a cyborg human is actually extremely expensive, thus only high military-value cyborgs would be granted the opportunity to don them. Cyborgs learn skills by allocating stats, and levelling up.
Version BETA
Date added: Aug 10 2010
Last updated: Dec 21 2017
277 fans

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TikTik: (Feb 4 2016, 12:28 pm)
I am 8 duels from the top of the duel rankings list, weep and despair mortals >:)
Zqazqa1234: (Feb 7 2013, 5:28 am)
Oh and also this rpg is not half bad. Im a Patato :3
Zqazqa1234: (Feb 7 2013, 2:12 am)
When i go to sleep I Cover myself in a blanket And put a pillow around my head and imagine myself as a patato. And this is how i fight when i imagine as a rp'er Im a Patato.
Demorco: (Jan 14 2012, 7:04 pm)
Imam just say it....so far the best game on byond to me.
Dino111: (Dec 2 2011, 8:16 pm)