Pokemon Serene Wishes

by Mitz001
Now under development for 2022 for a full pokemon game remake [More]

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Date added: Feb 16 2014
Last updated: May 7
Last played: Jul 31 2015
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Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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who to look for when you need help



+ 1st-3rd Gen Pokemons We will be adding the rest of the roster through weekly updates.

+ Open-World Combat The game allows you to fight alongside your partner anywhere within the game except safe-zone areas.

+ Over-all Balanced We try our best to listen to the community on how they think the game could be balanced further. I'm quite sure the numbers are par with each other currently on PSW regarding stats, leveling, evolving and other calculations.

learn how to play

+ Interact/Access PC - Spacebar
+ Catch Pokemon - C
+ Return Pokemon - R
+ Send Out Pokemon - E
+ World Chat - 1
+ Near Chat - 2
+ Ranged Attack - A
+ Area Attack -S

**All controls are also accessible via Commands tab or right click**

general rules
these rules apply in-game

+ RESPECT for others is expected from everyone. This means no intentional and excessive trolling, flaming, or otherwise personally insulting members or staff. If you witness such behavior. Send us a screenshot for proof and players involved will be dealt accordingly.

+ ADVERTISING We do not encourage our players to spam advertise Pkmn Serene in other games, if ever something like this happens its with their own accord and we take no responsibility for their actions. Also, advertising other games in the game will result into a warning the first time, escalating towards a mute, permanent mute, permanent ban on a case by case basis.

who I give my thanks to

+ Icons&Mapping All credits go to their respective owners. Mitz001, MelvinM, KitKatCat for pokemon icons/spriting.
+ Art All credits go to their respective artists from deviantart credits linked on the forums.
+ Affiliations This is a fan-game and we are not affiliated with Nintendo.