Pokemon Serene Wishes

by Mitz001
Under development for gameplay updates [More]

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Version 1.50
Date added: Feb 16 2014
Last updated: Oct 12 2015
Last played: Jul 31 2015
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what's expected to be in-game

+ 1st-6th Gen Pokemons Almost all 1st-6th gen pokemons are added including evolutions. Legendary Pokemons included. Some Kalos Pokemons are also in-game, with All Mega Evolutions Completed!

+ Token System Tokens are earned through events. Token shop has been added for buying Legendary, Rare Pokemons and Mega Stones! We have tournaments on almost a daily basis, hosted by GMs. There are different tournament types, such as Monotype/Tag-Team/Survival and more. We're adding twists and restrictions on tournaments to add event variety, testing a player's strategy and team building skills.

+ Bump to Attack I know it sounds really boring(which is in fact true), but going through attacks takes too much unnecessary time to make icons and code considering I still have college to worry about. Besides, there is a 'Switch Move Type' function that separate typing as placeholder for moves. If your confused, come check it out in-game.

+ Fast Leveling It won't take you days to grind for levels. You won't get left behind when you start the game late. Just take time learning how to train and you'll cap 100 in no time if you wanted.

+ Sweet icons/graphics Thanks to the original owners of pixel art from deviant who created it. Also, to Mitz001 for this hub and patiently spriting these awesome icons to become usable for our game.

+ Ranks Who doesn't like ranks? Being a gym-leader, team leader or even champions, its all here in PSW. Ranks have their own verbs to make ruling and battling easier, not to mention they have awesome gyms and team bases (credit me pls o3o).We'll add some custom teams along the way, but Canon would be best, following the Pokemon series.

+ Over-all Balanced We try our best to listen to the community on how they think the game could be balanced further. I'm quite sure the numbers are par with each other currently on PSW regarding stats, leveling, evolving and other calculations.

learn how to play

+ Interact/Access PC - Z
+ Catch Pokemon - C
+ Return Pokemon - R
+ Send Out Pokemon - E
+ OOC - 1
+ Say - 2
+ IM - 3
+ Mine Debris - G (Fossil Event Macro)

**All controls are also accessible via Commands tab or right click**

general rules
these rules apply in-game

+ RESPECT for others is expected from everyone. This means no intentional and excessive trolling, flaming, or otherwise personally insulting members or staff. If you witness such behavior including the cbox(OOC), please screenshot it and send the screenshot(s) to a member of upper staff.

+ NO AFK Training I'm not a fan of this trend, but I'll give out warnings if ever possible. If players catch other players AFK training, its best to forward it to a staff member to avoid further arguments. Punishments will be based on how often they did the same offense. Be active, stay active if you want to train. (AFK mining falls under this category as well)

+ NO PKing Randomly killing another player's pokemon is not allowed. We honor formal challenges on this game. We have public arenas that are free to use for players. If you want to battle other players, challenge them formally and wait for them to accept. This is a minor offense, but punishable by ban if repeated. You are only an exception to this rule is when you PK a player's pokemon that is AFK training.

+ NO Multi-keying With the new daily rewards system, its easy to gain tokens. Which means I will only allow one account per person. If you are caught multi-keying, you will be banned. Follow the rules.

+ STRICTLY NO ADVERTISING We do not encourage our players to advertise PSW on other games, if ever something like this happens its with their own accord and we take no responsibility for them. Thus, advertising within my game will result into a permanent ban instantly. Thank you.

who I give my thanks to

+ Icons&Mapping All credits go to their respective owners. Mitz001, MelvinM, KitKatCat for pokemon icons/spriting.
+ Art All credits go to their respective artists from deviantart credits linked on the forums.
+ Affiliations This is a fan-game and we are not affiliated with Nintendo.