Bleach:Prayer of Refuge

by MnBran
Bleach:Prayer of Refuge
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Date added: Apr 18 2008
Last updated: Apr 23 2009
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Owner- MnBran
CO-Owner's assistant:
Back up host:
GFX Artist- MnBran
GM,and admins:
We are re doing the gms as of now,Thursday October 16th 2008 We are looking for 3 apply in forums.
-General Player Rules--

1.Respect the admins, they are there to help you. If you have a problem, ask them, but don't spam it.

2.Respect other players. Just because they're insulting you and others doesn't mean you should too. Just turn your chats off and play the game.

3.No IC in OOC. This means no putting any IC information(Where to meet someone, the location of something, etc.) into the ooc channel. OOC channel is STRICTLY ooc, and is not for exchanging information. The same works in reverse, however. If you wish to convey something oocly to someone's IC character without using OOC, use say, but put it in parentheses. For example, 'Ian Frost says,'(Yeah, that was a good movie.)' Brackets/braces work as well.

4. Do not ask for a GM to tell you your stats or to tell you how close you are to a cap or a technique.

5. Do not ask over OOC to RP with someone.

6. Do not ask over OOC for an RP Certification.

7. Do not ask for a shikai change.

8. Use common sense; If you are about to ask a question and you think a GM will say no, then don't ask it.

9. Listen to the admins and GMs. If they tell you to do something, please don't waste their time by arguing, its extremely annoying.
------GM Rules------

1) First and foremost, do NOT abuse your Powers. They WILL be taken away from you if you do so. No exceptions.
2) Do not use your GM to threaten the players or other staff members. Usually, most problems can be solved without the usage of your verbs. If all else fails, then use them.
3) Do not give certain players special treatment. This means that players stay out of areas they don't belong in and that you don't give "friends" items they shouldn't have (or that were "created").
4) Do your job. Answer questions, help players, etc. Don't just sit there doing nothing.
5) Do not misuse powers


Captains and Lieutenant
Squad 1 Captain:
Squad 1 Lieutenant:

Squad 2 Captain:
Squad 2 Lieutenant:

Squad 3 Captain:
Squad 3 Lieutenant:

Squad 4 Captain:
Squad 4 Lieutenant:

Squad 5 Captain:
Squad 5 Lieutenant:

Squad 6 Captain:
Squad 6 Lieutenant:

Squad 7 Captain:
Squad 7 Lieutenant:

Squad 8 Captain:
Squad 8 Lieutenant:

Squad 9 Captain:
Squad 9 Lieutenant:

Squad 10 Captain:
Squad 10 Lieutenant:

Squad 11 Captain:
Squad 11 Lieutenant:

Squad 12 Captain:
Squad 12 Lieutenant:

Squad 13 Captain:
Squad 13 Lieutenant:


Vaizard Knight Leader: MnBran6
Vaizard Knight 1:
Vaizard Knight 2:
Vaizard Knight 3:
Vaizard Knight 4:
Vaizard Knight 5:


Arrancar Leader:Zombie
Espada 1:
Espada 2:
Espada 3:
Espada 4:
Espada 5:
Espada 6:
Espada 7:
Espada 8:
Espada 9:
Espada 10:

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