Board Game Chat

by Mobius Evalon
A basic channel-based chatting system that allows a board game to be played in every channel. [More]

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Version v0 r72
Date added: Aug 15 2009
Last updated: Sep 10 2009
Last played: Aug 3 2011
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In my residence over at mobiusevalon.chess (when it still had people playing) the complaints were consistent: "hurry up and finish so I can play!" In an effort to correct that, BGC was created; the game that meshes a channel-based chatting system with board games. Just like any chatting game, anyone can create their own channels and join anyone else's channel, but BGC allows every channel to run a board game simultaneously.

Using a proprietary (and scarily effective, considering I made it) system, every game of the same type utilizes the same gameboard on the map. That means that regardless of how many checkers games are running simultaneously, they're all using the same checkerboard area on the map! The only limit to the amount of simultaneous games running is what the host can support.

Chess, checkers, and reversi are completed, tested, and determined playable. Backgammon and Go are in the works for future playable games.

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