Return of the Kunai

by MoonlightSonata
Return of the Kunai
A game about ninjas and freedom. [More]

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Date added: Dec 30 2019
Last updated: Dec 31 2019
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Game Features

Roleplay Mandatory, But Friendly! - Players are expected to utilize the crafted world, ever-expanding lore, and unique races to create a character that will help make the world feel more alive. However, you don't have to be an expert or veteran. The friendly community will welcome you as long as you put forth your best effort.

Unique Clans

Turn-Based Battles - An original battle system that plays a lot like a freeform RPG

Roleplaying Experience - Progress your character while out of the fray by roleplaying with others. The game will automatically award you experience points if you make enough of a contribution to the IC atmosphere.

Poly Class System - Combine any of the game's 23+ classes in creative ways to fit your character concept as perfectly as possible, and utilize their 300+ skills to aid your allies and destroy your foes.

Traits & Talents - Further customize your character's skills by leveling up 26 unique Talents, allowing your character to become a better swordsman, enchanter, cook, lockpick, etc, whereas 50+ special Traits will let you gain new abilities, stats, attacks, and racial features, letting you create a character truly different from others.

Legend Extension - Your story continues even upon reaching your limits, and Legend Extension lets you take your roleplay in new directions. Perhaps your character seeks the power of the Sage, or was the unfortunate victim of curse seal, turning them into a crazed shinobi. Maybe they set aside the blade, instead turning to chakra. All of these outcomes (and more) are supported with this unique system.

Regular Updates - Possibly updates once or more a week with new content!

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