Naruto : Legends Rising

by Mr.Wayne
Naruto : Legends Rising
This is a Naruto FanGame. [More]

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Naruto : Legends Rising

Naruto:Legends Rising, is an Naruto Fan Game. This Naruto game is currently being worked on to make it different from the standard Naruto Rips.

1. Spamming and the usage of Caps in OOC are unacceptable.

2. If you have a problem with a decision made by an administrator,Go to Forum and/or Speak to an Higher Leveled Administrator.

3. Respect Fellow Players and Staff.

4. Non-PK Killing Unacceptable.

5. Recreating for Demons is Unacceptable and will result in a wipe.

6.Do NOT ask for a tournament. An administrator will host one when they see fit.

7.Reports Bugs.Bug abusing will result in a wipe and/or ban.

8.Do NOT advertise any other Naruto Fan Games on this Game.

9. Avoiding Punishment, will immediately result in a ban.

10.Inappropriate names are unacceptable. Result : Name Change.

11. Vulgar is allowed in OOC, BUT keep it to a minimum.If this causes a problem to lots of people it can be changed.

12. Try to Have Fun.

Disclaimer: We're not affiliated with TOEI Animation® nor Naruto®.
All the Anime/Manga ideas as well as Character-names, sprites and so on are property of their respective owners (Mashashi Kishimoto).
This is a fan-game and no profits are earned from it.
Copyright © 2013 Developers of Game. All rights reserved.

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