Bleach: Hollow Invasion

by NImetz
First Bleach game...please support and help it too grow more [More]

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Date added: Dec 18 2010
Last updated: Nov 10 2011
Last played: Jul 3 2011
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Staff of BHI



1. NO spamming please
2. NO abusing certain verbs if you are granted the verb or it will be taken away
3. NO disrepecting GM or its automatic mute and any further disrespect is a boot or a jail
4. absolutely NO pornography pics/links...little kids might be playing this game so keep the material PG13
5. Treat others as you should treat GM's...with respect so go out there and make new friends
6. If a GM doesnt NOT keep calling their name. What it usually means is that they are busy, sleeping, AFK or whatever it is they are doing
7. No free ranks...earn them
9. Just have fun ^^

The Espada
Espada Reqs: 5.+15
Espada Leader Reqs: Ask Main Owner
Espada Co-Leader Reqs: Espada Leader Choice
Espada Leader:
Espada Co-Leader:
Espada 1:
Espada 2:
Espada 3:
Espada 4:
Espada 5:
Espada 6:
Espada 7:
Espada 8:
Espada 9:
Espada 10:

The 13 Court Gaurd Squad
Captain Reqs: 5.+15
Lieutenant Reqs: Captains choice
Captain Commander Reqs: Ask Main Owner
Captain Commander:Nightmare(NImetz)
Squad 1 Captain:
Squad 1 Lieutenant:
Squad 2 Captain:
Squad 2 Lieutenant:
Squad 3 Captain:
Squad 3 Lieutenant:
Squad 4 Captain:
Squad 4 Lieutenant:
Squad 5 Captain:
Squad 5 Lieutenant:
Squad 6 Captain:
Squad 6 Lieutenant:
Squad 7 Captain:
Squad 7 Lieutenant:
Squad 8 Captain:
Squad 8 Lieutenant:
Squad 9 Captain:
Squad 9 Lieutenant:
Squad 10 Captain:
Squad 10 Lieutenant:
Squad 11 Captain:
Squad 11 Lieutenant:
Squad 12 Captain:
Squad 12 Lieutenant:
Squad 13 Captain:
Squad 13 Lieutenant:

Vaizard Knights
Vaizard Leader:Destin Faroda(Devilslayer2169)
Vaizard Co-Leader Reqs: Vizard Leader Choice
Vaizard Co-Leader:
Vaizard Knight Reqs: Vizard Leader Choice
Vaizard Knight # 1:
Vaizard Knight # 2:
Vaizard Knight # 3:
Vaizard Knight # 4:
Vaizard Knight # 5:
Vaizard Knight # 6:
Vaizard Knight # 7:
Vaizard Knight # 8:
Vaizard Knight # 9:
Vaizard Knight # 10:

Quincy Leader Reqs: Ask Main Owner
Quincy Co-Leader Reqs: Quincy Leader Choice
Quincy Member Reqs: 5.+15
Quincy Leader:
Quincy Co-Leader:
Quincy Member 1:
Quincy Member 2:
Quincy Member 3:
Quincy Member 4:

Inoue Leader Reqs: Ask Main Owner
Inoue Co-Leader Reqs: Inoue Leader Choice
Inoue Member Reqs: 5.+15
Inoue Leader:
Inoue Co-Leader:
Inoue Member 1:
Inoue Member 2:
Inoue Member 3:
Inoue Member 4:

Sado Leader Reqs: Ask Main Owner
Sado Co-Leader Reqs: Sado Leader Choice
Sado Member Reqs: 5.+15
Sado Leader:
Sado Co-Leader:
Sado Member 1:
Sado Member 2:
Sado Member 3:
Sado Member 4:

Bounto Leader Reqs: Ask Main Owner
Bounto Co-Leader Reqs: Bounto Leader Choice
Bounto Reqs: 5.+15
Bounto Leader:
Bounto Co-Leader:
Bounto Member 1:
Bounto Member 2:
Bounto Member 3:
Bounto Member 4:


Blizzard Wolffang: (Jul 1 2011, 7:17 am)
Well done :D