Naruto Shinobi Destiny

by NSD Productions
Naruto Shinobi Destiny

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Date added: Jun 6 2014
Last updated: Jan 10 2018
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Naruto Shinobi Destiny was inspired from a game previously known as NWOTS (Naruto Way of The Shinobi). Consisting of the dramatic updates, and newer features the game underwent a new story path as well. In This game you Begin your journey waking up from being found nearly dead, Now its up to you to see how far you'll take your existence in the Shinobi World by training and getting stronger than other shinobi, to achieve your goal what ever that may be....

•Axerob - Original Owner
•Bebi Tuf(Bebi Tuf) - Programmer

•FatherHoges(Unknown) - Staff Leader
•Rahmir(Unknown) - Staff Leader
•The Ichigo - Admin

•Uzi - Helping Resolve a few issue's


1) Use :Common Sense:.
2) If an Enforcer+ is helping a Player or Hosting an event, Do Not interrupt, or attack them.
3) Do not Spawn kill.
4) No AFK Training or EZ Macroing.
5) No MA Things (Mature Adult Things, Porn, Hentai, Etc.) Remember, children play the game!
6) No Spamming.
7) No Racism.
8) Failure to follow any additional rule(s) set by certain Enforcer+ will result in punishment.
9) No Mute or Ban Avoiding. You were punished for a reason. Breaking this rule will result in a more severe punishment.
10) Do not repeatedly use CAPS LOCK.
11) Do not ask for Genin/Chuunin/Jounin Exams. They will be hosted. Be patient.
12) Do not ask for favors (Village Changes, Items, Edits, Etc.) (unless your wanting to donate for something).


First Offense: Boot, Mute, or Jail.
Second Offense: Key Ban for Hour+.
Third Offense: Permanent IP Ban.

Recent Medals

Become Chuunin

Earned by Axelblade99
Aug 21 2017, 9:15 am

Become Chuunin

Earned by Fatherhoges1
Aug 21 2017, 8:55 am


Xavion_Zenovka: (Sep 12 2014, 5:07 pm)
this game is terrible there's like 0 help or anything in the game to guide you on wth you're suppose to do