Naruto: Jinketsu

by Naruto025
Engulf yourself in the Naruto world- become a ninja, learn and execute hundreds of jutsus, even lead Nations- or destroy them all. Create your own jutsus- who will be the first to learn all of them? Choose your path. [More]

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Version .1
Date added: Sep 10 2007
Last updated: Apr 30 2018
Last played: May 13 2018
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Enter and begin your path- decide how to shape your destiny. Participate in hard-core village wars, steal the tailed beasts' powers, or just go rogue and kill everyone in sight.

Learn and execute hundreds of techniques, while becoming one of many clans we have in-game.

We offer:

-A pace of training that can be enjoyed.
-BYOND members get automatic benefits!
-Hundreds of jutsus, use them freely as you want.
-Skill based combat, where you can combo your jutsus and techniques!
-Fair administrators who keep an equal eye out for everyone.
-Equal opportunities for everyone- an elite player can be taken out by a skillful newbie!
-Fun, balanced PvP where how and when you train your character actually effects the outcome of your character.
-Continuous updates, and an open minded staff up for ideas from the community.
-Hosted 24/7 and without lag.
-A training system that allows you to train aspects of the character that YOU want to.
-And more, including combo-jutsus with other players, and many forbidden jutsus.

Credits/ disclaimers:
We do not own nor claim to own any of the "Naruto" brand- all content belongs to it's rightful owner(s). Naruto Jinketsu is acontinuation of the original title. Credit of any source info belongs to it's rightful owner.

Enjoy the game