Naruto: Dark Ninjas

by Needaler
Naruto: Dark Ninjas
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Date added: Aug 14 2009
Last updated: Sep 30 2009
Last played: May 26 2010
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New: Helper System! Helper's are like Admins but their job is to help people, helpers are people who I trust and know a lot about the game, they are here to help you so if you have any questions ask one of our Helper's.

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Welcome to Naruto: Dark Ninjas!



7 Swords Men of the Mist:



Uchiha Police:

Sound Organization:

Owner(s): Needaler, Wave

Host: Wave (Main Host)

Co owner: Mmazza

Admin(s): Rikimaru701



1: No discrimination against a player. (Ex: Racism, Sexism, or intolerance as a whole.)

2: No asking for GM, Kage, or Org Leader statuses. (Unless Qualified)

3: No spam killing.

4: No swearing at people.

5: No Spamming.

If caught breaking these rules there will be consequences for your action(s).


Spunky_Girl: (Oct 10 2009, 10:01 am)
Are you seriously going around to every ripped game's hub and posting a comment saying that it's a rip? Get a life, dude. xD
Danny112: (Oct 6 2009, 3:31 pm)
there are too many rip games like this -.- you people please at least try to make ur own code and icons/ gameplay