Zeus' Nexus:Red Divinity

by Nexus6669
Zeus' Nexus:Red Divinity
Zeus' Nexus:Red Divinty, is 100% original Coding and 99% original Icons at the moment and it's just hit Alpha Testing, Come Check It Out..... [More]

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Date added: Jun 27 2006
Last updated: Aug 7 2006
Last played: Dec 21 2006
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Hello It's been ages sinse I started this Hub for this game and I'm proud to announce my first idea and made game, it's been realesed as Alpha so there is hardly anything you can do currently, Please Report and talk about anything in the forums, so we know what to make and Improve Next.

Thank you.

As you may or may not know, Zeus' Nexus:Red Divinity is a past based game, based before the dragonball Series, basicly before the saiyans Demise, and of course there creation.

The game will have the following Key points:

New Races
New Planets (Places)
War System(Intelligent)
Unique Explosive Enviroments(With any Luck)
Attack System(Hopefully Improved and more intelligent)

And whereas the races are going to be new, this also means new transformations etc too.

I Promise if all goes well this game will be well worth your wait but it will be worth the wait when you get in there and see what it has.

Note: It could use a programmer to help me with some of the work as it gets too much for one at times...

Well there is no date apon release but I will Inform you via the forums here or post any news on this current Page.

Thanks alot


Nexus6669 (Programmer)(coder)

Sawyerd14 (Icon Artist)