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Avatar Universe
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This game has many new features and all though I wanted to save them for the release its not going to be released if I dont get some help, so here are some features

- Isometric world (nice feature with new byond that allows for depth in the world, and things like jumping, flying, and a nicer feel)

- Battle System- I really wanted to save this for the release but this is a unique system I have yet to see implemented well and makes the game more challenging than just button mashing. In order to use your skill you have to perform a combo. There are four buttons and if you hit the right combo you perform the attack. It was fluid, automatically fired once you correctly completed the attack and allowed for more challenging game play while still keeping it fun

- Learning- I had one system done with learning new skills from scrolls and you would do a see and repeat type minigame to learn the new skill. Other things i was in the process of was teacher challenges, one type being a puzzle you would have to solve (similar to old zelda type rooms, or God of War style) or battle your teacher.

- Leveling- the pitfall of most RPG or anime games on byond in my opinion, while some might like it I hate that if you start a game you are instantly killed by high level players and dont have a chance until you get really high levels so the game becomes one of avoiding those players and trying to train to become higher level. Well my game had no levels and your health and stats were close to being the same whether you were just starting or had been playing for months, so whats the difference then, your skills, the skills have levels which would make them stronger with a cap on them, and what skills you learn, some can only be learned by stronger players, this allows a new player with just one skill to out maneuver an older player and still have a chance to win

- Missions- Simple missions that give you money or reputation, but was going to be many of them. things like rescue the town from bandits or fend off from wild animals, find lost items, escort missions, etc. nothing too revolutionary but fun none the less

And most of this is already coded in. I have the system for attacks where it takes me maybe 5 minutes to add in a new one (unless its a completely different type of attack). I have the missions where it takes me maybe 10 minutes. The learning minigame is all automatic. The puzzles are the main thing that needs to be worked on still as they are a little difficult but the base system is getting there and once its done the only thing to make new puzzles is designing the room.

So I need iconners, i suck at it and cant do it, its not where my talent is, and i need help. So please help


Asakuraboy: (Jul 24 2010, 9:36 pm)
Denied due to lack of a 'up' server or download link.

Also, a little tip - Use splash screens for the entrance, looks soooo much nicer :]
Majpaj: (Jul 23 2010, 9:11 am)
:O AWESOME!! Cant wait to play!
Death Any: (Jul 16 2010, 4:43 pm)
Its good so far