Sonic online

by Ninja-fu-ya
Sonic online
A good new game my 1st ever game :) [More]

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Date added: Aug 15 2005
Last updated: Aug 25 2005
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1st sonic game that is actually progressing!!! itl get better and better because its being coded by some of the best !!

(Not actually up yet but is in progress... if you wna help us out please apply in the forums.

Coders: Ninja-fu-ya,Zone_blaze and Link

iconers: Shadowraver,Jesse,brolly and vegeta

Updates: You will be able to go super sonic,Hyper shadow,Hyper knuckles and hyper tails after collecting the chaos emeralds. There will be also a chao garden,powerups and all that kinda stuff you will also be able to choose sides...good of decide....

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