Dragonball Zen 2: A New Beggining

by Niran
Dragonball Zen 2: A New Beggining
Dragonball Zen 2: A New Beggining by the Zen Staff. [More]

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Date added: Aug 28 2005
Last updated: Feb 20 2006
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Dragonball Zen 2: A New Beggining

As most of you know Dragonball Zen was a very glitchy version of Dragonball Zeta. The Zen Staff was never proud to admit this and seldom did, but I am here to tell you it was and that I sincerely appologise for all of the troubles you have had to go through with that game. I know it probably seems like we intentionally wasted your time. This is not true, and since Kanak decided to close Zen, I have decided to start from scratch on Zen 2. I am the only one, besides Kanak that has rights to the name of Zen. So do not be fulled by all of these imitations, who are most likely using an even more messed up version then Zen itself. So having said that here are a list of features presented in Dragonball Zen 2: A New Beggining.

Patch 1.0
Basic Character Handling:
You will be able to choose between the basic races for now being the Humans, Saiyans, Nameks and Icers. If you chose Humans or Saiyans you will be able to chose from four different skin tones. Along with eight different hairs. these hairs are not limited to one tile, this is so the icon artists are free to be creative. These hairs include the Afro, Gohan Style, Goku Style, Long Hair, Long Spikey Hair, Short Hair, Short Spikey, and Vegeta Style. With each new day we bring new items and diversity to the character handling so I will keep you updated as best I can, but for the first version that I release I don't want too much in the material because it will basically act as a test for the game.

Basic Melee System:
The user is only alloud to attack those objects that are one tile in front of the user.

Basic Ki Attack System:
The user can shoot blasts that shoot towards a user, along with the stronger blasts that shoot in a straight line.(Ex. Kamehameha Wave)

Basic Training System:
Well for testing purposes I have decided to use a punching bag, which may end up being temporary. Also I have Meditation, Self Training, Ki Training, Strength Training, Stamina Training and hopefully more to come with time.

Dragonball Zen 2 is in no way connected with FUNimation or Dragonball. This is only a fan game, devoted towards a game. Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT are copyrighted and productions of Akira Toriyama, Bird Studio, Pioneer Anime, Weekly Shonen Jump, and Toei Animation.