Dragon Venture

by Obelisk9990
An adventure roleplaying game with smooth gameplay and inspired by a well-known anime. Fast paced combat, space travel, training, master skills, and unlock transformations. Aim to be the strongest! [More]

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Version 10.0.3
Date added: Sep 15 2018
Last updated: Sep 29
Last played: Nov 25
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Dragon Adventure Reborn


Obelisk9990 & Xynjy
Iconner: Arious

This began with an old source, but I have added countless things, and over 2,000 lines of code (and probably removed about 2,000 lines from the original code), enough that I am not ashamed in calling this version my own. I am the sole coder behind this iteration, but Xynjy is co-owner and he has provided a plethora of ideas and contributions to this project over the last 15 months, not to mention his connections to the community. For this reason I consider Dragon Adventure Reborn as much his project as it is mine.

Our goal for this game is to be the hardcore anime-inspired multiplayer RPG everyone strives for. We don't believe in instant gratification. We think this type of game is most fun when you have to put in hard work to develop the strengths of your character.

All forms of training in this game encourage active play. The "Train" verb is present, but don't expect it to be very rewarding. You will see the most gains from sparring splitforms (whether that be 1 or an army of them), sparring other players, using active training equipment, etc.

We have tons of new ideas to add to this project in almost all facets, such as upcoming new technology/science ideas, transformations, races, ranks, you name it. Our #1 guideline is that we intend to keep all content close to its original anime, so we are avoiding all fan-made content. But we do support some content from other anime as long as its canon. If you wish to contribute ideas, we have a fairly active Discord you can join here.

After many updates and a long wait, our official launch is ALMOST here. I apologize for the wait, but I want to release something that has quality. Unfortunately I have set my own standards very high, but this is for the benefit of the community. I want to deliver a game that is stable and balanced. We have been running numerous playtests privately. Expect a release by 11/14/2019, maybe sooner. You can expect our game to have the following features:

  • Slow, realistic stat system that feels very rewarding
  • Transformations for every race
    • Transformations like SSJ are super powerful but difficult to acheive
  • Unique races such as 1/4 Saiyan, Dragon, Makaioshin, Ancient Namek, Beerus Race, and Jiren's Race (The Greys)
    • Newly balanced for fair gameplay
  • Revamped skill menu
  • New God Ki system, with Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue
    • God forms for other races still in progress!
  • Space travel with multiple ship types and sizes
  • Base Building
  • Helpful community, roleplay-encouraged servers, good staff

Version 10.0.3

-Empty flask Added to game, becomes Sacred Flask when used on Sacred Water. Sacred Flask is portable flask that fully replenishes you. Has 1 charge unless you upgrade it.
-significant interface updates
-removed many outdated and unused interfaces
-merged all chats
-Added "Race" and "Birth" to stats, because these were the only stats contained in the gridstats panel I removed
-changed many menu items (the drop down menus on top of the window) to much nicer and accessible things
-nerfed ssj forms
-nerfed lssj more
-added power grading system
-Made it so players have build enabled by default, no longer requiring admins to unlock build for players. (I meant to do this a while ago
-stat interface redone
-powerbar correct display BP percentage
-BP in stats now also shows current percentage
-Added a 100% effective system to prevent stat hoarding
----you can now only subtract a total of 7 points from your starting stats to add to your stat point pool, regardless of anything
-Fixed the bug where the stat mods would not always update in the stat window when you change your class. Now it always does.
-Made it so Reset button on stats window actually resets your stats back to normal to prevent bug exploitation
-made it so changing class resets your stats for sure
-Made it so the back button doesn't keep your stat points spent if you wanna change race
-god ki now requires base bp, not current bp, should fix a lot of issues, don't know why I didn't do this earlier
-fixed bug where you could obtain god ki during ssj which resulted in hair fucking up
-removed popo stare from stat creation, it was a troll from rebirth dev left in the code
-set a hotkey for build: N
-removed many many things from other tab, and moved some important things from here into a dropdown menu category at the top of the screen
^This last thing took 2 hours, just saying
-made it so you can redo your stats after 1 in-game year has passed
-fixed major bug where all races' stat mods were +1.0x higher in every category than I intended
-fixed vampire regenerate, now adds +2x regeneration and only temporarily, instead of permanently. You also move very slowly while regenerating, making regenerate unsuitable for direct combat and more of a passive recovery.
-Removed Regenerate skill entirely, now only passive regeneration like majins have exists, but vampires have it too.
-nerfed rank BP boosts all around to 20x lower
-Vampire absorb does something now, forgot to mention this.
----vampire absorb makes it so you leech harder than before while it's active with your punches
-Grab is now smooth like mob movement

Version 10.0.2

-Removed some skills that did not function as intended
-Made the new maximum screen size 50
-Added Auto Attack
-Made Splitforms hit harder because they previously didn't do shit to you.
-lowered global gains for better experience
-added sacred water, fully replenishes you when used
--I have plans to add a new science item: vial, and it will interact with sacred water, storing charges of it for portable use.
-fixed weird animation where players acted knockbacked every time they get punched, so that doesn’t happen now
-Made build way more convenient. Now when you select a turf, you automatically place that turf everywhere when you walk like in DU, instead of having to click it every time.
-Made some of the turfs labeled as "walls" actually function as roof walls so that players can't see thru them.
--I think in the future I will remove the concept of "roofs" and only walls will be actual walls and everything else will be a "floor."
Version 10.0.1

-adjusted and rebound some hot keys to more convenient keys
-added ships to purchasable technology
-Removed Aerial Recovery, Aerial Payback, Pursuit, Reverse Dash, and Throw verbs
-rebalanced changeling/icer race and the transformation stats for frieza, cooler, king kold, and chilled classes (all four icer classes)
--Chilled class gets their transformations earlier than any other icer race, but are the weakest
--King kold has a single transformation which unlocks very late (@3 million) but has a very big boost
-changed icer meditation and training rates and made it so they vary depending on class
--Frieza has best training rate
-changed starting stat mods of icers at character creation
-fixed popo race
(Popo race has absurdly high starting stat mods, like 80x durability. I assume this was a troll move by the last dev. It has now been undone)
-removed tech tree because I don’t like it
-technology is now going to be unlocked based on your intelligence and knowledge rather than a stupid tech tree
-fixed stat focus so you can focus intelligence again
-added current SP to stats
-made meditate less OP for force and res
-made training more balanced
-added more skills to skill tree and cleaned it up a little more
-fixed movement to make game less laggy
-many other things but i forgot specifics because i never add to this as I update game
-increased speed of game
--such as melee combat
-nerfed gravity
-made it so you can no longer use oozaru / ssj4 with god forms
-removed potara fusion for now
-default gains nerfed by a factor of 20 magnitudes, from 50x to 2.5x
-added gravity machine to purchasable tech
-Fixed Mazoku Demon starting stats, no longer OP
-fixed Spirit in afterlife place. it now automatically revives you and sends you to your spawn
meditate now makes your bp 100% instantly if your BP is over 100%
-changed energy regeneration when you meditate so now you should regenerate energy at 1% per interval instead of a static amount
-removed fatigue
-made it so now you don't become "too tired to power up" until 4% of your energy. It was previously 10%
-gravity mastered appears in stats below gravity
-made it so being too tired to transform is now based on energy and not fatigue since I removed fatigue
-nerfed nameks
Version 10.0.0

The game has been revamped by Obelisk9990.
-Added custom movement system - much smoother than before
-Significantly improved FPS
-Added Global Speed verb for admins
-Added Train Verb back to the game
-Made is so stats start low so players have something to work towards
-Fixed Stat Interface at creation so that it accurately displays Zenkai, Training, And Meditation mods
-Implemented custom modular interface code. This is essentially a backend for interfaces like the stat build menu, which is how I fixed it.
-Made it so you gain RPP slowly via Train
*This can be balanced and configured by a SPgain verb I added for admins
-Added Fly to Skill Tree. No idea why it wasn't there but oh well.
-Added default hotkeys for most important actions
**SEE 'Hotkeys' at the bottom of guide** (sorry they can't be configured yet!)
-Removed a few races that seemed.....well useless.
-Meditate and Train are much more efficient now at gaining stats and BP
-Increased bp gains from all sources by a factor of 10. -New Welcome Screen and New and Load character buttons
-Removed a bunch of old Savez and Loadz objects that were in the wrong place on the start screen
*these are objects you click on a screen that determine if you save or load and are invisible
-Improved energy gains by a factor of 10
-Removed the following races:
*several other stupid races
-Sped up combat and reduced cooldowns of everything globally.
-Fixed Stat creation screen so it immediately updates with your default stat mods
-Added my HP and Energy Bars instead of the crappy number shit
-Fixed Ships and Added Planets back to the game
-Made ship movement more smooth by implementing the same system I did for players
-Complete new and improved skill tree, dynamic lists, fewer categories, lots of skills.
-Did the same thing as above ^ but to tech tree: it is now more simple.
-Now you are able to unlock teleporter techs, cloaking techs, and pocket techs by default
-Transformations don't have to be unlocked by admins anymore, now you just need the BP
-Simplified Skill Tree Menu - Again
-Added more beams and blasts to menu
-Added a little procedure to stop players from ever being frozen for more than 10 seconds
-Fixed Dragon Dash
-Made it so the relevant BP statistic shows up in stats instead of True BP (this was confusing people).
-Made is so Train gives you some in all stats even if you are focusing on 1 stat.
-Changed several tile textures to newer nice textures
-Added nicer entrance to kami's lookout
-Adjusted interface - much cleaner now
-got rid of tech tree entirely, now you just buy technology - I plan to make this intelligence based
-Made it so stats gain in a more balanced and better way (all stats alternate when gaining now instead of all flooding at once)
-Meditate still gives you only resistance and force(and a lil energy) but it gives you more of these than train do by a subtantial amount
--Added awesome new Zanzoken to the game w/ zanzoken mastery! You use it with double click just like DU. No more hotkey needed.
-god mastery system in place
-god ki displayed in stats
-super saiyan god red added
-super saiyan blue added
-base god form for all other races added
-new ssj god hair and aura
-new ssj blue hair and aura
-coded DNA container from scratch, using icon from phoenix for them but that's it
-changed gravity mastery rate and changed the way grav mastery affects gains
-took out RPEXP/EXP system entirely
-nerfed gains globally by a significant amount
**this was to balance the fact that grav mastery does something now
-Adjusted available skills in Learn and sorted each category by cost
-fixed overlays with transformations - they were fucked up


Protoend: (Nov 16 2018, 6:19 pm)
10/10 can't wait what this game has instore for the future