Dragonball: Revolution

by Pemalite
An origional Dragon Ball Z Game. [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version Alpha 7
Date added: Apr 11 2009
Last updated: Sep 8 2010
Last played: Sep 13 2014
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As a small update (9th of September, 2010.) the game is still being worked on, great strides have been done and it's starting to look and feel very polished.

Unfortunately my hoped release date for sometime this year probably will not come to fruition at this stage, as we wish to get the game done right the first time.
In other words, we are not rushing, people only complain if something is rushed.

However, expect some big things, I'll have a trailer up in the next few weeks show-casing some of the game and what you can expect. :)

In regards to Battle for Earth, as a side project, I have been working on Battle for Earth 3, which uses the base Project Revolution's source code.
I'll have more details on this at a later date, but it will be released before Project Revolution as a game to play before Revolutions release.

* Story based.
* Planet vs Planet, Race vs Race.
* Fun, fast-paced strategic combat.
* Wide open world with lots to explore and do.

* No boring Self-Training.
* Unique A.I. system, all NPC's have a different personalty!
* Flashy techniques.
* No leveling. (Just Powerlevel and Ki!)
* Perks. - Everyone has different abilities.
* Rounds. - Everyone has a goal to strive for, who will bring destruction, and who will bring peace?
* Teamwork. - For those things you just can't do alone!
* Original. - Game is original, programmed from the ground up to be versatile, fast and intuitive.

* To provide a new Dragonball experience, that is fun.
* To be completely different from any other Dragonball game on Byond.

* Kane Mamoshi, for giving me ideas and keeping me sane.
* H Town, for providing icons and amusement.
* Jaxandalan, for providing graphics and Pizza.
* The Byond Community, for providing ideas, suggestions and bug testing.


Gokuflash: (Mar 8 2013, 11:34 am)
Come Back I Looks Amazing And Sounds Better Plzzzz Plzzzz Plzzzz Come Back
Hectorbrock: (Jan 2 2013, 9:27 am)
You were working on that in 2009 and it still looks better than any dragonball games on here. You should come back. lol
Zabeetroot: (Feb 20 2012, 5:46 am)
I quitted Byond when I saw your games were not on anymore and I hope you'll finish your amazing game, Pem. I never played better games than BFE, BFE2 they're the best, really.
Pemalite: (Feb 18 2012, 11:33 pm)
Leao99 wrote:
Hey Pem remember me? I still come to byond just because of your game, I loved Dragon Ball Battle For Earth 2!

That's nice to know. :D

Recently gotten back into making the game now.
Got myself a dedicated server, and the game is progressing again. It will be done when it's done. :)

In the mean time, I have done some work on BFE 2 so I'll be bringing that up in the next month or so.
Leao99: (Dec 31 2011, 12:47 am)
Hey Pem remember me? I still come to byond just because of your game, I loved Dragon Ball Battle For Earth 2!