Pokemon RP Reborn

by Perpetr8r the Perpetu8r
Pokemon RP Reborn
Play as a trainer or a Pokemon in the longest-running Pokemon game on BYOND (10 years). [More]

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Version 4.4.0
Date added: Oct 25 2005
Last updated: Nov 22 2015
Last played: Jan 15
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Disclaimer: Pokémon is a registered trademark and is copyrighted by the Pokémon Corporation and whoever else owns all the bits and pieces associated with it. This is a non-profit fan game and has no association with the creators of Pokémon in any way.

Progress Logs last updated: 22nd November 2015

*** Weather should be clear now, and PRPR is back ***

Date: 22nd November, 2015 (GMT+8)

I've been making really quite incredible progress on PRPR considering that I've also been working full-time. That's going to change in a few weeks though as a customer deadline for my aforementioned job is... well it's unrealistic. I'm prepared to make it work though, which means some really long work hours and also probably that PRPR will hit the bench for a while as I finish out that project. Then there's Christmas, so I'll be with family for that time period. I do not intend to leave PRPR though, so I'll be back. Much sooner this time, now that I'm not dying of gallbladder disease.

That aside, the community is as great as it always was and it's really good to see so many people getting into roleplaying here in PRPR. I've been working maybe a little TOO hard to get PRPR updates out because of this, but I guess I have lots of catching up to do as well.

In PRPR 4.4.5 and onwards, I'll be adding an in-game feature for you to view the progress made on any updates for any time period going forward. This will be a little easier to find than the progress logs visible here (which will still be more in-depth and still worth looking at).

Anyway, that's it for now!

BE AWARE: THE UPDATE IS NOT FINISHED AND CERTAIN FEATURES WILL BE RESTRICTED. So play, but don't expect oodles and oodles of gameplay time. Just enjoy what you get and more will come out soon.

You can find log files of the progress at this link or by the link down below.

- Sirus

Sirus is currently working on...
- Allowing trainers to use items in battle
- Bug fixing (of course)

Progress Roadmap
Plans for The Battle System

PART 1 (100% complete)
- Individual battle arenas
- 1v1 battles
- Same as the real games (turn-based, max of 4 attacks, teams of up to 6)
- Really basic AI (pretty much randomly picks attacks)
- Exp and levelling from beating NPC Pokemon
- Most attacks from generation I to III implemented
- Trainer vs Trainer, Trainer vs Wild Pokemon, Wild Pokemon vs Wild Pokemon

- Double battles available (2v2)
- More advanced AI for tougher opponents
- Ability to change your 4 attacks without having to visit a move rememberer
- Use items in battle
- More varied battle arenas

- Gym battles
- Boss battles
- NPCify your player-controlled Pokemon for when they are not online
- Even better AI for bosses and gyms

- Stats system overhaul to fix glaring weaknesses in some Pokemon

- New battle type: Wild Battles. This will involve a new battle system build on top of the PART 1 engine, and will change some of the game's base mechanics to (hopefully) make battling a little more interesting for wild Pokemon players.

Here is the background story leading up to the game. The actual story that takes place in game depends on the people playing at the time though. (In other words, this is just a suggestion, people can make their own decisions)

When humans first met Pokemon, they were little more than animals. Incapabale of speech or complex interaction, Pokemon were widely regarded as inferior and captured and domesticated. However, as human and Pokemon interaction continued, Pokemon began to evolve and change. They got stronger, faster and most importantly, smarter.

Soon, humans found themselves having to rethink their opinion of Pokemon as many began to display signs of sentience, some even becoming capable of human speech. Realizing that Pokemon were no longer just pets, a government group called the Pokemon Protection Agency was formed. They were in charge of placing rules and regulations that would protect Pokemon from being subjugated... something humans had finally begun to get the hang of after years of subjugating each other.

In any case, working with the few Pokemon who could talk human speech and communicate the wishes of their brethren, the PPA began passing legislations that made catching Pokemon without a license illegal, and also began to place limits on what could be caught and where. Special areas were set aside that Pokemon could live in, safe from trainers and poachers, and eventually Pokemon and humans reached a kind of peaceful balance.

While Pokemon were still being caught by eager trainers, this had grown to be an accepted thing amongst the Pokemon community now that the PPA was regulating it. It even began to be seen as some kind of rite of passage - a young Pokemon would find a suitable trainer, and together they would journey through hardships, growing stronger together than either would have alone.

Humans ceased to be condescending towards Pokemon and became more mindful of their rights. Pokeballs were built with a release lock, that allowed Pokemon to leave a trainer they no longer liked, and trainers learned to stop taking their Pokemon for granted.. else they would simply walk away. All of this made it seem like Pokemon and humans had found the perfect existence, but where there's light, there is always shadow.

Many trainers protested the PPA legislation, and huge efforts were made to undermine the laws that had been laid down. On top of this, shadow groups formed, whose belief was that Pokemon were slaves and would never be anything more, and would secretly raid Pokemon sanctuaries at night in attempts to illegally capture baby Pokemon - easily impressionable targets who could be made to forget their past and parents.

Even worse, as Pokemon gained more understanding of the world around them, they also stumbled across the concepts of good and evil.. and some began to choose evil. Thus some Pokemon began to repeat the mistakes of the humans before them and turned to selfish desires, using others for their own gain or even attacking innocent humans, blaming them for a time of slavery they had had nothing to do with.

Thus, in the midst of what may perhaps be a neverending struggle, players begin their own personal journeys... for good or ill. What happens next is up to you.

*Next Version Progress*
This is a link to the progress log of the game. Baby steps, as they say!

Disclaimer: Pokemon is copyright of The Pokemon Company. I claim no ownership of any likeness or content created by them in the use of this non-profit fan game.

I'm working on a lot of personal stuff right now. Stay tuned though; PRPR is coming back in a big way.

Version 4.0 is NOT an update. Version 4.0 is a total recode that changes many aspects of the game (for the better of course).

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