Pokemon RP Reborn

by Perpetr8r the Perpetu8r
Pokemon RP Reborn
Play as a Pokemon or a Trainer in a BYOND MORPG that refuses to stay dead! [More]
Version 4.4.8
Date added: Oct 25 2005
Last updated: Oct 2 2018
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byond://BYOND.world.717332122 [Version 4.4.9 "Lena is taking over!" release]

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Disclaimer: Pokémon is a registered trademark and is copyrighted by the Pokémon Corporation and whoever else owns all the bits and pieces associated with it. This is a non-profit fan game and has no association with the creators of Pokémon in any way.

"thanks sirus now im back in pokemon gacha hell" 5/5 stars - Yakule

Progress Logs last updated: 8th June 2017 (But actual update as of 3rd October 2018)

Date: 3rd October, 2018 (GMT+10)

Somehow PRPR keeps coming back again and again. Right now I'm hosting my test server because why not?

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: There was a corruption issue with some of the game's code files and currently you cannot use items as trainers.

That aside, we just released the Gen 3 pokemon! Come check it out.

Anyway, that's it for now!

You can find updates of the game's progress at this link

- Sirus

What is PRPR?
Pokemon RP Reborn (more commonly known as PRPR) is a fan game based in the Gold/Silver/Crystal era of Pokemon games, where the graphics were low-res and the number of Pokemon was well under 500. Scroll down for the tl;dr version or read on for the history of PRPR.

It started with Pokemon RP, a Pokemon fan game made by Isnu. It was based on the graphics of the original Pokemon games, i.e. Red, Blue and Green, and was a mix of odd RPG gameplay and traditional roleplay, with the unique concept of being able to play either as a Trainer OR a Pokemon. Though the game heavily lacked in features, it had a dedicated community and was beloved by those who spent their time there. Unfortunately, one day its creator vanished. Months passed with no sign of Isnu, and the game was eventually considered abanonded, though it continued to be hosted and loved by its fans.

Eventually a player named Sirus (who still regrets picking the key "Perpetr8r the Perpetu8r") stepped forward and offered a solution: He would recode PRP from the ground up and thus allow the game's feature list to finally expand again instead of waiting in endless stasis. The host, ac19189 (aka Nova), agreed and thus they joined forces. Nova would host the new game, and Sirus would build a brand new PRP with all of its old features and more.

Though Sirus achieved his goal to match PRP's features easily enough, obsession set in and he found himself adding more and more to the game. The player base exploded, with the accompaning fans, drama and teething issues to boot. In its heyday, PRPR had well over 70000 save files, which translates to roughly 30000 players over its 10 year stint on BYOND.

As all indie games do though, PRPR eventually couldn't keep up with the demands for new content and players began to drift away. Then hosting issues caused the game to disappear for a time, losing the remainder of the player base. The game eventually came back with a huge update, but by then a lot of players and even the Pokemon franchise had moved on to shinier graphics and new mechanics. PRPR's niche was gone.

But PRPR was destined to rise from the ashes again and again, and though most players of BYOND these days don't even know it esists, PRPR continues to return from time to time with new features and old friends. If you're looking for a fun little (unfinished) MMORPG experience involving Pokemon, come in and see for yourself what over a decade of Pokemon history has to offer.

PRPR is an ancient BYOND game which was very popular back in the day. You can play as a Pokemon trainer or a Pokemon, and level up, battle, trade, roleplay and more.

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- Something interesting...

Progress Roadmap
Sirus is busy trying to earn lots of real life money to support his crippling addiction of making games that he can never actually get paid for.

Thanks for sticking with us for over 12 years!

Fun additional link: Ancient PRPR info site

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