Bleach Ichirin No Hana

by PhantomRageX
Bleach Ichirin No Hana
welcome to Bleach Ichirin No Hana [More]
To download this game for your Linux/Mac installation, enter this on your command line:

DreamDownload byond://PhantomRageX.BINH##version=1

Emulator users, in the BYOND pager go to File | Open Location and enter this URL:


Version 1.0
Date added: Sep 11 2009
Last updated: Feb 2 2012
Last played: Oct 21 2009
46 fans

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Welcome To Bleach Ichirin No Hana!

Race Requirements!


Requirement for captain:1million&up

Lieutenant:(Depends on who the leader picks..And you must be 1million or so to be this)(Only Shinigami)


Become an arrancar first!

Espada Leader:16million

Espada CoLeader:(Leader gets to pick who.)

Espada 1:10million (ex:1.00e+007)

Espada 2:9million

Espada 3:8million

Espada 4:7million

Espada 5:6million

Espada 6:5million

Espada 7:4million

Espada 8:3million

Espada 9:2million

Espada 10:1million

Inoue Leader:1million

Sado Leader:1million

Quincy Leader:1million

Vaizard Leader:6 million

Vaizard Co-leader:(Depends on what the leader picks)

Vaizard 1:10million

Vaizard 2:9million

Vaizard 3:8million

Vaizard 4:7million

Vaizard 5:6million

Vaizard 6:5million

Vaizard 7:4million

Vaizard 8:3million

Vaizard 9:2million

Vaizard 10:1million


1.Do not ask for GM or you will be booted!

2.If you need help getting somewhere let us GM's Know! :D

3.Saya isn't always serious and will be like a push over and ask for new GM's if she finds someone necessary.

4.If your GM be sure you help every player out! If you laze around you'll be demoted and replaced...

5.Don't Cuss in this game..This is a fun kids game!

6.Saya will help anyone but sometimes she's lazy o.o Don't worry xD

7.If you want to become GM comment Saya and tell her what you can do and what is your byond key name..She is looking for staff now.

8.No spamming!!

9.And Finally..Just have fun and don't disrespect GM's and other players please!

*New Attacks!

::Zanpakuto list::


Pure Power= Zaraki Kenpachi

Pure Weapon Power= Ikkaku

Speed and Power= Ichigo

Freeze and Kill Your Opponents= Hitsuguya

Blood Blasting= Urahara Kisuke

Double Swords= Shonsui

Flaming Blade= Yammamato

Light Sword= Ichinose

Poison your enemies= SoiFon

Long Ranged:

Skewering Multiple Enemies= Ichimaru Gin

Ranged Reiatsu Blasts= Hinamori Momo


Series of Powerful Strikes= Abarai Renji

Slashing Your Foes With Small Blades= Jiroubou

Ripping Your Opponent Apart= Byakuya Kuchiki

Hypnosis= Sousuke Aizen

Using Effects:

Screwing Your Opponents With Effects= Mayuri

Immobilizing The Enemy= Kira

Absorbing Your Enemie's Power= Yumichika

Freeze and Blind Your Opponents: Tousen

Freezing your Opponent For an Long Time= Rukia Kuchiki