Just Fight

by Phantom_X
Just Fight
A weird game that ive stopped working on. check it out if youd like... [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version 38
Date added: Jun 7 2003
Last updated: May 19 2004
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A great new game by me .Im open to any and all sugestions so ask away.To play the game you must download the newest verion at this link,


People who helped alot

My friends have also made lots of great games.
Below i have listed a few links to them

Byond Boxing by Camaro http://games.byond.com/hub/Camaro/ByondBoxing

Raegon by Zaole

Phantasy Star Online by Nathan830

http://games.byond.com/hub/Nathan830/ PhantasyStarOnlineepisode1

Working on player icons
changed floor and wall icons
added intro message
added Zaoles house
added port
added Flerixs house
changed start area
made it so you needed a gun to fight
added npcs and store (not fully functional yet)
made my official car designer (Camaro) a house.
added the mysterious "port2"
made my house
replanted the guns
made race track,arcade and added Camaro as GM
made raceteack bigger, and some other stuff
added shop and peoples ports
added more weapons
added yet more weapons, and file transfer
spruced up map
added density potions
made soda machine better
made dj booths
made medikit, and steroids
created a rudimentry level up system
added money system
made a new weapon
other stuff
added a turf creator(build device)
made sidewalks
changed checks to coins
made a new goldfishbowl with some cool features
among lots of things,a new weapon and a skill rating system
added cacti
added trees, and tumble weed
made OmegaPrism a GM
added dessert house
added more GM verbs
Made a park
made animated doors
added a savefile(hope it works)
made a cardealer
made a special computer
added bums
made an invisibility tonic
pinball machine now dipureses evil furbys
added a special turf that is a link to my fiend zaoles game, Raegon
ahh, im gonna stop with the updates, its getting to hard to remember. version 35 has so many new things