Pokémon Dark Realm

by PokeScouts
Pokémon Dark Realm
The realm is falling apart, the three Gods are trying to gain control. C, The God of Darkness, currently leader of Team 7, PokeScouts, The God of Moonlight, wants peace, and the evil Kazetuki Kishin, The Demon God wanting power! Who will succeed!? [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version 1.0 - Demon Assaults
Date added: Jun 29 2011
Last updated: Oct 11 2011
Last played: Apr 30 2013
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Pokémon Dark Realm

Staff List
Owners: C (Cazz, also known as the awesome person that came up with the idea! *brag brag*), Scoutz (PokeScouts, also known as the awesome person that saved C's ass when he fucked up the codes in alpha. Also the latest staff member) & Kazetzuki Kishin (FullmetalDL, greatest iconner of all times, and the second person who joined the PDR staff)
Coder: Scoutz (PokeScouts)
Iconner: Kaze (FullmetalDL)
Mapper: C (Cazz)
Host: Scoutz (Server going 24/7 in October)
Dungeon Designer: C (Cazz, only wrote this because it sounds awesome)
Dungeon Master : Scoutz (PokeScouts, only wrote this because it sounds awesomer than C's)

1. If you figure out a part of the storyline that hasn't been announced yet, don't tell anyone about it. Simply come to one of the totally awesome owners and ask them if you are right!

2. No religious humba-jumba in the chat.

3. No politic humba-jumba in the chat.

4. No using the word humba-jumba.

5. If we catch any of you guys being racist in chat, it's insta-ban. One thing is to be racist, but keep it to yourself or fuck off!

6. If you buy the GM status, you only buy the verbs, you are in no way better than other players, and you will be banned if you break any rules!

7. You are allowed to talk about most subjects, but if anyone feels disgusted, shut up.

GM Rules
These will affect GMs who have bought it aswell. YOU ARE WARNED!

There is only one rule for now, and it is the Platinum Rule.. DO NOT ABUSE YOUR POWERS!


PokeScouts: (Jul 1 2011, 7:21 am)
Check out the website at http://pokemondr.webs.com/

The game is almost here so get ready!