Frontline Assault

by PopLava
Frontline Assault
A multiplayer war strategy game! [More]
To download this game for your Linux/Mac installation, enter this on your command line:

DreamDownload byond://PopLava.FrontlineAssault##version=6

Emulator users, in the BYOND pager go to File | Open Location and enter this URL:


Version 0.6
Date added: Sep 9 2012
Last updated: Jan 5 2021
Last played: Dec 28 2015
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Frontline Assault is in the early stages of development. At present, it provides a basic risk-like experience where it's all about conquering all other players. Other players can be bots, humans, or both.

The server is always running so you can start up a game and wait for other players. Players can join your game and kick out the bots automatically making multi-player games easier to get going.

What's Next?
v0.6 - 1/28/2015
- Effectively remade the entire game by moving from city generation to territory generation. Primary goal was to just build up more hexagon based features.
- Added Mist Of War
- Added Supply Routes
- Added themes
- Added more map generation options (rough edges, impassable terrain, variable map sizes, and etc)
- Added ability to split units
- Added zoom in/out
- Added mute toggle
- Massive AI re-factor to support new game type

v0.5 - 10/20/2012
- Added terrain damage
- Added Host Options back in with all available options
- Added Help/About back in
- Added toggle mute
- Speed up attrition round
- Added Hover effects for buttons

Release History:
v0.4 - 10/18/2012
- Refactored the entire game to support server hosting and flash. Still a work in progress but the game can be hosted and played with default options.
- Players can choose to host or join an existing game.
- The few in-game hosting options the game has aren't hooked up yet.
- Came up with a new name (Hexawar)
- Started hosting Hexawar!

v0.3 - 9/16/2012
- Converted all interface buttons to map buttons (Flash Support)
- Converted all window dialogs to map dialogs (Flash Support)
- Added Attrition and Recruit counters as part of end round.

Notes: Conversions to all map support are 99% done. I've got one alert prompt left. Most of the work in this release was focused on functionality vs esthetics. I'd like to update all the dialogs and the counters in an upcoming release.

v0.2 - 09/11/2012
- Added in-map chat support
- Added player names, colors, and turn order to interface.
- Added host option to randomize unit generation. An owned but occupied city will generate 1d10 while an owned but unoccupied city will always generate 10 units.
- Added host option to enable random attrition based on terrain. Your chances for attrition grow when traveling over water and more so when going over mountains.

v0.1 - 09/9/2012
- Uploaded to BYOND.
- Play 1-4 human players or mix it up with AI players.


PopLava: (Nov 4 2014, 3:19 pm)
Thanks for pointing that out Fushimi. Fixed. I think I gutted a bunch of work at one point and never hooked it back up.
Fushimi: (Nov 3 2014, 3:12 pm)
If you start a game and click start game constantly the game attempts to start again.

The expected result is for the button to be invisible, or the starting process to be terminated.
PopLava: (Sep 20 2012, 6:14 pm)
Appreciate the feedback and I agree with everything you said. I'll see what I can do in upcoming releases. Thanks!
Red Hall Dev: (Sep 20 2012, 3:43 pm)
Hey, I just saw this and when i read it was like Risk it got me thinking I might play it but then I realized this game suffers from a fatal flaw.

Basically, in my opinion it doesn't grab people. "Hex Game" is an abstract name, most people would pass over that and pick "Zombie Apocalypse", then when they look at the screenshots they get a totally abstract picture that doesn't make any sense to a person who's never played before.

So that would explain the versions and little actual downloads I think.

Oh yeah and so solution, turn the units etc into something meaningful and entertaining like tanks or soldiers.
PopLava: (Sep 10 2012, 2:54 pm)
I won't give away the specifics on the algorithm but it's essentially a 1v1 roll for each unit. A unit with 100 against an 80 would have 20 extra chances to win giving it an advantage but that doesn't guarantee the stronger unit will win. I felt it would make the game a little more exciting because an underdog has a chance if it gets lucky.

I will likely add an option to enable defensive bonuses for units on cities.

It's still a skill game where numbers matter. :)

Thanks for the feedback.