Rise Of The Pirates

by Pride Ravanok
Rise Of The Pirates
Pirates! Marines, Bounty hunters?! Join the super powered adventure! [More]
Version 1
Date added: Sep 24 2011
Last updated: May 6
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Only Windows users can play this game. If you are using an emulator, enter the URL for the game in File | Open Location on your BYOND pager menu.

Recent News :

4/11/16 - Projectile adjustments and some fixes. All expired mail is going to be deleted, if you have unclaimed items or currency, collect them now!

4/10/16 - Our apologies for the server's spikes and small rollbacks. Things will get better and we appreciate your patience. Thanks!


1 - All players should be respectful, both to fellow players and staff members. No racism, flaming, and/or any verbal abuse of any kind is tolerated.
2 - English is the only language that players may use in OOC. We encourage all players who do not speak English to use the "Global" chat.
3 - Links to other BYOND or other online games are not permitted in OOC or Pirate/Marine chats.
4 - Spam messaging in any chat is not permitted. Report spam with a screenshot here.
5 - Please do not block entrances, excluding mini-games.
6 - Do not inattentively train your character (AFK training.) Weight training is the only exception to this rule. Report a player here.
7 - Do not evade bans or mutes! (Logging in on additional characters or accounts while banned/muted on one to bypass the initial ban/mute.)
8 - Exploiting the game's bugs will result in a ban from the game or a character wipe. If you are told not to use a verb or technique, please respect this, the staff of the game has their reasons. Report all bugs using the built in bug report system or the forum
in the case of the game being down.
9 - Death avoiding is prohibited! (Logging off, before someone can kill you or entering a safe zone where you cannot be killed.) After fighting with someone, you must wait 15 seconds before logging out. To get a ruling on this you must post a screenshot of the person who death avoided or have a moderator witness the offense. Report an offense here.
10 - Do not share your character or key with anyone other than yourself. This includes buying a character that you did not create from another playing.
11 - The "Watch" verb is for your entertainment purposes only. Do not abuse it!
12 - Do not join the same event with multiple characters. Infringing on this will result in a rollback and an event ban for all accounts in question. To report someone who has broken this rule, post here.
13. Going “AFK” in Pirates vs Marines, Capture the Cow (CTC), or Battleground will result in a boot from the game and possible event ban. Deliberately sabotaging your team is also not allowed. Report a player who violates this rule with a screenshot here.
14. Do not discuss bans in OOC or ask for others to be unbanned or unmuted. OOC is not the place to make an appeal, the forum is.
15. Absolutely no selling of in game currency or equipment for money in reality; we are not a Pay to Win game and do not tolerate any similar transactions. You may however buy someone a sub in exchange for in game items/currency.
16. Do not spam kill players or kill alts for bounty.

If you have been banned, the only way to be unbanned is to submit an appeal, following these instructions: here.

If you would like to join the team, istructions: here.

The Crew:
  • Pride B. Ravanok (Pride Ravanok) - Owner, Programmer, Mapper
  • Ky2731 (Ky2731) - Co-Owner, Personnel, Forum, Hub Manager
  • Karas (King Karas) - Staff Member, Financial Advisor
  • Minato (Eradication) - Admin

  • Goro-Sama (Goros-alt) - Sr. Mod
  • Maya (OMG_Maya) - Sr. Mod
  • Horizon (Last Horizon)
  • Plague (Zalvis)
  • Hinokage (Hinokage)
  • Kurai (Kurai000)
  • Altair (Popi883)
  • Bijisboss (Bijisboss)
  • Neptune (Redlink2212)

"Trial" Enforcers:

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Ky2731: (Oct 18 2015, 3:50 pm)
Addmelol wrote:
Put the Game BACK UP.....

The game has been back up for about 5 hours.
Addmelol: (Oct 18 2015, 8:57 am)
Put the Game BACK UP.....
Ky2731: (Sep 8 2015, 5:32 pm)
Zaagan wrote:
Yh i just joined and i got spam killed 10 times.Most of the players are douchebags,including some admins.

Used to be a good game , but now its full of idiots.

I apologize for your experience getting spam killed. That was unfortunate. Please remember to not only contact the in-game staff so that they can help you, but in addition take and post screenshots on the forum. (Here: http://w11.zetaboards.com/Rise_of_the_Pirates/forum/3031695/ ) Thank you.
Model DX: (Aug 24 2015, 8:49 am)
Zaagan wrote:
Yh i just joined and i got spam killed 10 times.Most of the players are douchebags,including some admins.

Used to be a good game , but now its full of idiots.

I will admit its kinda true, but still a ok game. If the game player base was higher, glitches that should have been fixed a while ago(a year +) got fixed, and players(people) would help and be a little more considerate. Then maybe the game would be a lot better then it is now. However, this maybe too much to ask for from the creator,the staff, and others players. Considering that you have to live to play the game. Some things may take a while. This is mostly a PvP game with a little PvE in it. Again, experience may vary from person to person.
Zaagan: (Aug 24 2015, 4:44 am)
Yh i just joined and i got spam killed 10 times.Most of the players are douchebags,including some admins.

Used to be a good game , but now its full of idiots.