Martial World

by PrinceCrash
A cultivation game where players seek to obtain the power to rival the Gods. [More]

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Date added: Jan 23
Last updated: Apr 6
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Based in a fictional world of martial artists who seek to cultivate their strength, surpassing mortal realms of possibility and obtain unfathomable power.

Explore the Murim to unravel secrets of the past and otherworldly. Obtain artifacts and relics to improve your cultivation, or uncover long forgotten cultivation methods or fighting styles.

Hunt down dangerous beasts, mutated by followers of demonic cults and dark sects. Or learn the secrets of alchemy to improve your inner Qi, concocting pills and medicine or forging magical weapons and armour.


Kalavash: (Jan 26, 8:26 pm)
That's a really awesome idea, i'm really glad someone is making a game like this here on Byond.