Dragonball: Mystic World

by Pylar
Revival of the legendary game [More]

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Date added: May 12 2016
Last updated: May 24 2016
Last played: Jul 13 2016
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Please Read Rules Carefully, Ignorance Will NOT be tolerated!

Rule #1. Do not ask for GM status, just enjoy the game like everyone else! (GM's will be picked when needed, and only I (Pylar), decides when it's needed)

Rule #2. If you find a bug, report it to a GM. DO NOT take advantage of any bugs.(If you are over powered, you will be banned on sight. We know if you have abused.)

Rule #3. Do not spam the OOC. If you spam the OOC, you will be booted!

Rule #4. Do not promote other Byond games in the OOC, you will be booted!

Rule #5. Do not disrespect GMs or other players.

Rule #6. No cussing in the OOC. You will be temporarily muted. No filter avoid, dont even try it!

Rule #7. No racist remarks, keep them to your self.(you will be muted or banned)

Rule #8. AFK training is allowed, make sure you AFK train in the safe zone.

Rule #9. English only in the OOC please.

Rule #10. Do not discredit GM's without proof (screenprint), if you do anyway, make sure you can back the threads up or you'll get banned/booted.

Rule #11. No icons that blend in with surroundings or you will be booted.(Do not try to become invisible in any way!)Player Or GM's.


Rule #1. Do not give players free items (radars, zennie, microchips, DBs etc.)

Rule #2. Do not abuse your abilities as GM. You will be demoted and/or banned.(summon kill, jail for no reason)

Rule #3. Don't stay idle more then 50% of the time you are on. Do your job!!!

Rule #4. Do not make favorites with certain players, treat everybody with the same amount of respect.

Rule #5. Do not mute/ban/boot people because you are un-happy, let another GM stand in your place ATM. (demotion to player, no matter what lvl GM you are)

Rule #6. Do not ban without the consent of the owner/host, check in first.

Rule #7. No abuse what-so-ever. Any abuse reported will be documented and revised by a higher level GM.

Rule #8. No icons that blend in with surroundings or u will be booted.(Do not try to become invisible in any way!)Player Or Gms.

Rule #9. Do not Disrespect Players or fellow Staff Members!


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Level 6 Admin:

Level 5 Admin:

Level 4 Admin:

Level 3 Admin:

Level 2 Admin:

Level 1 Admin:

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VISeconds: (Mar 21 2018, 2:09 am)
Pylar, hey man I use to play this game a long time ago and have been busy for the past few years. I would really love to see this game back as it had a good community and it was just all round a good game. I don't know if you check this anymore as you may have given up on it but if you could bring it back I'm sure you would get a lot or people to follow again. I know me and a few other people miss this game and have to play knock off versions because it is gone. Would really love to play again but it is all up to you. :)
Jazzaroxs: (Feb 17 2018, 7:12 pm)
Hey Pyler, I was a player of your legendary game DBGT: Mystic World back in 2008 (or a bit later im not sure) and i noticed you tried bringing it back middle 2016 correct me if im wrong. And i would really love to get back on this, I have told friends and people the legend of this game on how i would go ssj6 but get one shot by my brother (cozzaroxs) in base saiyan form but that's just one of many of my fond memories of this game. I'm still following Dragon ball to this day with the whole DB Super and i'd really love to see this game make a mad comeback.
From one of your longest time fans of the game.
EnderboySales: (Nov 22 2017, 10:24 am)

Defenser: (Jun 19 2017, 6:26 pm)
I can host with my vps 24/7