Tower of Blight

by Pythiros
Tower of Blight
Many have fallen before Yx'igidar. Will you be the next? [More]

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Date added: Jul 25 2008
Last updated: Aug 1 2008
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"Day after day, night after night, pain and suffering emit from the tower high in the sky.
Tortured souls forced to watch the wrath that is death as day after day, night after night, those who enter die.

A cold mist will hang in the sky abover the tower high in the sky, day after day, night after night, after all is dark.
We can only hope for success day after day, night after night, as heroes wander through the bark.

Clashing steel, raging titans, this is the only destiny we see, day after day, night after night, from that tower hanging under sun and moonlight.
A sea of bodies fills that wretched place day after day, and night after night, yet more brave souls come, eager to fight.

There is nothing left for us now but to continue to struggle, day after day, night after night, until there is no one left to endure destcuction.
Mourning fills the air day after day, night after night, until the next one dies. Our plans always fail, our plans always malfunction.

It is only in the eye of us, the beholders, that we see fit for murder, day after day, night after night, with no avail.
An oracle prevents death, but we ignore it day after day, night after night, hoping someone will prevail.

No matter might nor magic of heroes new or old, it is the same thing day after day, night after night, so we continue to fight.
No one will ever succeed, yet all come to arms day after day, night after night, with no end in sight.

Murder is justified by betrayl in this godforsaken streets day after day, night after night, murder justified by no right means.
Those who exit come out as those who come in, riddled with insanity, day after day, night after night, their resolve ripping apart by the seams.

Sometimes we want it to end, sometimes we want it to continue day after day, night after night, hoping the warriors be the tower's blight.
Though, unfortunately, it is the unfortunate monotony for after day, and night after night."

These words struck the hearts of the people Yx'im, a small planet in the Ga'hdri solar system. They were spoken by the poet Luxim Ny'tor. A tower looms above Yx'im, it grows stronger, feeding off the land. Most of the land is now barren, or desert. Warriors from all of the continents, Yakar, Glux'cin, and I'irdad all come to Y'xigidar, a tower in the center of Glux'in. Warriors enter the tower, seeing it feed off the land, and off of the resolve of the people. The tower's power can cause people of the land to go insane. The only forest area resides in Yakar, in which they charge much Zephyr for people to enter the woods. Within the tower lies the key to saving Yx'im, stated in myths and legends that are considered truths in all of the land. Bodies line the entrance of the tower, they hover around in the air about the tower, it was as if the tower was taunting the people of Yx'im, beckoning them to come forth and join the bodies around the tower. No one that exits the tower alive ever comes back any different, for you would have had to been insane in the first place to enter such a horrid place. Though the level of insanity of those having left the tower is far greater than those entering it. They say death awaits you as soon as you enter those cold steel doors marking the entrance of the tower. It wouldn't be very surprising. Mages have gathered around the tower and combined their efforts to attempt to destroy it from the outside, but with no avail. Some say the tower only wants people to come into it so it han have them killed, and when they are killed, it gains energy so it can further destroy the land, these people say Yx'im has the inevitable fate of destruction. Then there's you. You live in Yx'im, but what is your path? In any case, as the poem states, it is the same monotony day after day, and night after night. In whatever you do decide to do, the Necromancer will guide you throughout your days, deciding what will be your path.

Yx'im's fate lies in your hands...8/5/08