by Raffile
Grab ye mateys and get ready to embark against ye foes [More]

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Date added: Dec 5 2020
Last updated: Dec 14 2020
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Arg me mateys! Ye' see t'em ships on te' horizon? T'ey be after te' booty. We gon' have to fight to stay above water!


Yoho! is a fast paced multiplayer game created by Raffile, with an old friend who is in the process of learning to program (We call him Cairus) and Raffile's brother Brandon. Artistically the game is based off the graphics of the Game Boy and restricted to the Game Boy's control scheme (For interesting gameplay!) once the game starts you will instantly be fighting against the opposing team, may it be the Pirates or the Marines.

Raise your flag and get ready for the fight of your life! Godspeed!

(Doing an open test of my game Yoho! Please find bugs and tell me about it lol. Control to shoot cannon balls, alt to shoot torpedos and shift (on start screens) to change color palettes. Ill have this in as a how to play at a later date just currently not in. Thank you.)