by Ralf1324
Bring aid to the various colonies of Sekia, and make a name for yourself as a great adventurer. [More]
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DreamDownload byond://Ralf1324.Sekia##version=2

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Version 2
Date added: Sep 4 2013
Last updated: Jul 14 2014
Last played: Oct 5 2019
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Sekia (BETA) 2.0

The game of dungeons, skills, and exploration.


You arrive on the island of Kaishi and just in time, too.

The residents of the two major continents - Kuni Major and Kuni Minor - have been engaged in a civil war for a number of years now. They have been fighting over possession of the territory separating them, the Sekian Desert. The desert's only inhabitants are a colony of underdeveloped villagers and creatures similar to those that roam around all of Sekia.

Your task is to help rebuild things destroyed in the ongoing warfare, bring aid to the various colonies of Sekia, and make a name for yourself as a great adventurer.


Please leave all suggestions, bugs, errors, etc. with an admin in-game or on Sekia's forum. Be as detailed as possible with your explanations to help expedite the process.


Designer / Creator: Ralf1324
Administrators: Mesiapk | PrinceKita | Ralf1324 | SadisticChaos
Testers: PrinceKita | SadisticChaos
Assistance / Support: Xirre

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Tutorial Quester

Earned by IceHaunt
Jul 23 2014, 12:31 pm

Tutorial Quester

Earned by Hyper_Man_19680
Jun 30 2014, 7:25 am


Thordowryx: (May 26 2017, 10:55 am)
can't play it, try to create a character and it just sits on the character creation screen in the middle of the ocean, RIP.
Ralf1324: (Jun 8 2014, 3:06 am)
Updates (34)

--New login screen
--New character creation window [no longer switch(input(...))]
--Interface and interface windows improved
--Interface icons recolored / redesigned
--Macros / action bar rearranged
--Fishing rods renamed: Fishing Rod --> Rod
--Equip code (now done via interface)
--Special Attack warning text shortened
--Private Messages now part of Friends window
--Kuni Minor redesigned (flags added, gates and fortified walls added)
--Map updated
--Tutorial quests updated to reflect new information
--Most NPC shops now through interface windows instead of switch(input(...))
--Doors now enterable without clicking
--Talk to NPCs by clicking rather than with a verb
--Macros now open and close windows rather than only open
--Kuni Minor castle expanded, registrar, King's Secretary, and bank added
--Leader of Kuni Major decided (Elder Aranck)

--5 quests
--Scroll functionality
--3 scrolls (Fire Scroll, Snake Scroll, Scroll of Intellect)
--Friends functionality
--Friends icon on interface
--Progress bar for overall level
--Tooltips for interface controls
--Tooltips for Examine verb
--Flashing warning when entering combat
--Images on interface labels (gold, health, magic energy)
--Equipment tab in inventory
--Images for equipped items
--Equipped Wealth label in equipment tab
--NPCs: Kuni Minor Soldiers, Valerie, Tommy, Lynda, Professor Ted Maxwell, King's Secretary, Elder Aranck, Elder
--Districts on Kuni Minor (visible on map)
--Quest icons above NPC heads
--Sound when purchasing shop items
--Tabbed categories for adminstrator controls
--Sand on West Shore and North Shore
--Dirt in Fertile Plains
--Birds on North Shore

--"Say" icon from interface

--Several minor runtime errors
--Inventory now updates after building bridges
Ralf1324: (May 25 2014, 10:44 am)
Austinator123 wrote:
how do i level up my defense on the game because when i clicked the shield icon nothing happend

You should get a message saying that you are now in defence training mode when you click on the shield. If that's not working properly, I can check sometime when we're both online and see what might be going on.
Austinator123: (Apr 26 2014, 12:35 pm)
how do i level up my defense on the game because when i clicked the shield icon nothing happend
Ralf1324: (Apr 16 2014, 3:53 pm)
Updates (33)

--Colors in stats window
--All caves renamed -> dungeons
--Dungeons redesigned
--Map: Dragon Den Dungeon added

--Total XP in stats window
--Visual dividers in stats window
--Lightable torches in dungeons
--Rocks around Sekia / in dungeons
--New dungeon: Dragon Den Dungeon
--Signs outside Dragon Den Dungeon on Kaishi warning about dungeons

--Monsters: aggressive monsters no longer give negative health without killing