World of Business

by Ralf1324
Build your business better than the rest. [More]

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Version BETA
Date added: Jul 13 2014
Last updated: Jul 24 2014
Last played: Oct 5 2019
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World of Business (BETA)
The game of business, money, and brutal competition


Build your dream business and watch it grow, while keeping track of your expenses.

In this new game, you can create and destroy, expand and compete, hire and fire, and try your hand at the stock market.

The more you build, the higher your esteem. The higher your esteem, the more money you make, but watch out for expenses and play the stock market wisely.

Don't let the pressure of competition get to you!


Designer / Creator: Ralf1324
Administrators: Ralf1324
Supervisors: -Oreu-| Zumyuchiha | Demonote | Inuyashaisbest
Testers: PrinceKita | Mesiapk
Assistance / Support: Xirre


PrayciousAnjel: (Apr 13 2019, 10:27 am)
I love it! Brings back childhood memories of Omega Mall, only better! I only wish game play was longer than an hour. By then I'm just starting to see a decent profit. Consider extending reboot/game play time? Also, after the reboot, it's hard to move. My character always wants to move to the left.

Luke5050: (Sep 12 2014, 2:05 am)
Lol this happens when you play for long enough...
Mightymo: (Sep 5 2014, 12:15 pm)
I've noticed that by starting a new round, your high score gets replaced by your new round's score. It's kind of disappointing to see your high score vanish. Great game though!
Ralf1324: (Aug 6 2014, 3:51 am)
FakeMan wrote:
Do you plan on updating this game further ? I got quite addicted yesterday and I am looking forward to keep playing but alone isn't that challenging, well due to each reboot it resets everything lol but yeah. Also there's a guide for Employes stats and what they exactly do ? Thanks in advance.

Glad you like the game, first of all! I do plan on updating it more. I'm learning a lot of C++ really fast right now, so I've taken a short break from BYOND, but I will be back to update this game pretty soon!