FantasyMUD Alpha

by RedI

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Version 1.2
Date added: Dec 3 2008
Last updated: Apr 7 2011
Last played: Feb 14 2012
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FantasyMUD Alpha
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A new Text based Multi User Dungeon.
Unlike many of the TextMUDS found in Byond, FantasyMUD will offer a truly constant world that conveys the open ended atmosphere seen in most major TextMUDs. Though assistance and global quests will always be offered by professional game masters, the world will offer many constantly available quests and dungeons to gain wealth, equipment and experience alongside your friends in battle.

-A roleplay atmosphere will be encouraged if not enforced upon BETA testing.
-Though pvp is currently open ended, and anyone may attack another player, an eventual 'race war' theme may pit good versus evil.
-Save files will hold all player information, including items and equipment.
-Equipment will be a large part of the game. Quests,treasure and loot from rare or boss type enemies will give equipment to boost your stats and combat ability.
-Grouping up and using your classes unique skills to aid your friends in battle will give a whole new depth to the combat in FantasyMud for both Player Vs. Environment, and Player Vs. Player.
-FantasyMUD plans to offer a rich, constantly evolving world made up of hundreds of unique, hand written rooms crafted by professional class writers. Epic battles or Fantastic Quests have the potential to change the shape of the world itself.
-The record of the world is ongoing, where the choices and actions of the players are set in the pages of history. Those who participate in the worlds grand events and quests are poised to influence the future of the game and have their adventures chronicled for all to remember through the ages.
-FantasyMUD aims to offer a profound roleplay experience, giving the community a opportunity to fully immerse themselves in an original fantasy themed world. Detailed quest chains and involved rp staff will insure the highest quality of gameplay enjoyment, while gripping storylines and the open ended atmosphere provide your character with every opportunity to develope as you see fit.

--Early Alpha Testing--



TwoTon: (Mar 1 2012, 8:17 pm)
Ill hope you on the game if you like
Boxcar: (Jul 1 2011, 2:52 am)
Please continue working on this game byond needs a new MUD.
TheLionsRoar: (Apr 7 2011, 8:43 am)
Sounds like an interesting game, and I think BYOND definitely needs a new MUD that is still being developed.
Devildude123: (May 10 2009, 9:46 am)
Hey, I was on the game earlier...
and if you ever need a GM, Enforcer or Admin, add me on pager and ask away!
Great Game!!!!! DeViL