Divine Chronicles

by Remaru
"Chaos and destruction are only a dice roll away!" [More]
To download this game for your Linux/Mac installation, enter this on your command line:

DreamDownload byond://Remaru.DivineChronicles##version=98

Emulator users, in the BYOND pager go to File | Open Location and enter this URL:


Version Beta v1.08
Date added: Jun 16 2011
Last updated: Jul 29 2012
Last played: Aug 4 2013
11 fans

Waiting List

Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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Official Website:http://www.wix.com/anomalyaces/divine-chronicles

This is a RPG board game where luck and skill are both needed to be successful. This is truly one of the most unique games on Byond! It's fun by yourself but epic with more people. Recommended number of players: 2~6

There are currently 4 playable classes, each with their own skills
- Archer
- Thief
- Mage
- Warrior

The Story:
The Demonic King and his minions has been terrorizing the land and only the most valiant of heroes can restore peace to the land

Version Beta 1.08
- Bug Fixes
- Confirm move window popping up multiple times
- Game starting without all players selecting a class
-Cannot select a dead player when landing on the battle space


TikTik: (Jul 27 2012, 9:51 am)
Ooh new name
Sanox2u: (Jul 23 2012, 10:45 am)
I like the new name, gonna have to update that screenshot though that shows the old one, hehe.
Sanox2u: (Jul 10 2012, 1:56 am)
Great game and concept, a few crucial bugs and i have some suggestions that i will be posting shortly; i hosted my own for a few friends and we had a pretty good few play throughs.Big fan though and I like the whole concept, very unique, reminds me of the old days playing mario party or the lesser known dokapon kingdom for wii.
Reem16: (May 18 2012, 5:22 pm)
Hmm...want to see the game.
Remaru: (May 16 2012, 1:52 pm)
Looking for Beta Testers now. If interested PM me or email me at [email protected] with "Beta Tester" in the header