Naruto The Final Battle

by RisenAgainst97
Naruto The Final Battle
A BYOND classic fan game, reimagined with updates every day. The new map has been implemented as promised! Come try it out! [More]

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Last updated: Aug 11
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Welcome to Naruto The Final Battle [NTFB]!

Our Story
Naruto Izou was a game created by XzDog which featured little enough to move on from. Since 2006, Matt3151 and Kitty built upon this framework that everyone was so fond of into an instant classic Naruto fangame. It's been passed through multiple hands, each adding their unique style of development to it... but now, by some act of fate, the game has been sparked back to life by Shade, Spev, and a new development team. Together, we plan to breathe life into this classic game, and thereby reach heights that a game created so long ago could never reach.

+Constant Patches
+Frequent Updates
+Admins do NOT give themselves levels/items
+A Community that supports us day in and day out, we love you. - NTFB Staff

+Matt3151 - Programming (Retired)
+FluffyKitten - Programming (Retired)
+CoolStoryBro - Previous Owner
+Zoblod - Programming (Retired)
+Lance0141 - Programming (Retired Owner)
+DarkX85 - Pixel Artist (Retired)
+Nathan - Main Pixel Artist
+Iruna - Pixel Artist
+Sarutobi~Zezu - Submitted Icons
+Shade - World Designer

+Spevacus (Retired)

Senior Admin
+Onime no Kyo



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Catamount33: (Aug 27, 7:07 am)
Catinnn: (Aug 27, 4:53 am)
i dont know what u're trying to do with that japanese weabo shit. but im starting to like it. dont do it anymore btw
Catamount33: (Aug 26, 8:07 pm)
Catinnn: (Aug 26, 8:07 pm)
then dont make it come
Catamount33: (Aug 26, 1:25 pm)
I did nazi that coming