World of Vigor

by Rissoto Nero
Full roleplay with an ever-changing setting that mixes anime with various fantasy sub-genres. [More]

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Version 5333
Date added: Apr 28
Last updated: Apr 30
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From the ashes comes a world free of its shackles.

Mitos is a world divided by various continents; it thrives and flourishes from the efforts of its many inhabitants. Endless research into the arcane and the scientific alike has resulted in incredible marvels and technological advances that have caused mortals to leap forward exponentially. All races live comfortably in their chosen spots of the world, and resources are aplenty.

However, underneath all of that is several layers of conflict. Rumors of otherworldly beings, the loss of key figures, and, most urgently, the continued growth of terrifying creatures known as dangerbeasts. Addressing the third issue are organizations known as the guilds. In an effort to gain more forces, they have amplified recruiting efforts through the usage of guild academies. Take up their invitation or act as a free agent in this world of weakening peace; forge your own path in this unraveling tale.