Naruto: Search For The Lost

by Rj17
Naruto: Search For The Lost
A new game. Thankyou St murda for the source, and I hope ths will be an official Continuation of NSOT. [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version 0.5
Date added: Jan 6 2009
Last updated: Jan 10 2009
Last played: Jan 13 2009
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Waiting List

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Owner = Rj17
Co-Owner(s) = Meito15, Akatskihunta.
Coder = Need Coders.
Iconner = Akatskihunta
Mapper = Rj17
GFX = Akatskihunta & Meito15
Host = Need Hosts.


1. No spawn killing

2. Don't Spam or use caps

3. Dont Consistently ask for Ranks

4.Dont ask for genin they are auto and chuunin will be when i feel like it

5.Dont ask for stupid things And if you want your own icons in game just add me on msn send them me and ill put them in

Added in macros... space = Train, A=Attack,R=Rest
New Skin and login screen also added in new song at start.
We now have over 20 clans

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