Death Of A Shinobi

by Royed
Death Of A Shinobi
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We are a new style Naruto Production Corporation, we welcome all to come and play..To start you off In DOAS you arrive in a town where you may be familiar with, but here there are new additions (Village Organization's Created to protect the bijuu's within in your village -Leafe Sages, Dynamite Squad, Sound 5, 7 Swordsmen)also there are the 6 Rinnengan users who are the six paths whos main priority is keeping each other alive since they are hunted for there eyes, although they have been known to part ways. Our bijuus are traveling all around the maps and if you manage to kill the beast then the bijuu begins to manifest itself within you (over time and training of your bijuu you will go through the chakra, skeletal, and full fledge bijuu mode) bijuues are being hunted by The Uchiha Family along with many other Families, Clan leaders become Family leaders who possess the ability to remove bijuus if they manage to kill a holder, along with the families there is The Akatsuki, Xiveres, Indigo and -Unknown- who are also at each others neck whilst also after the bijuus in hopes to create Juubi from the collection of all tailed beast. In preparations for this up and coming war the kages predicted they became infatuated with the combination of different elements to enhance there arsenal the ANBU HUNTER NIN & Police squad were formed but do to the needed expantion all new Genins are prepped with a few scrolls and such to get there ready for the war ahead not only are these new comers going to be the wall of the battle but they shall become great legends...Rushed into this new Era the Genins faced with little time to prepare are introduced to the way the villages work maintain a proper amount of funds and higher ranking officials within the village families to the organizations to the bijuu wielders to the ANBU as you can see these elite squads must be in for a hell of a surprise if they still cant manage to muster up some fight, whilst still keeping guard from enemy villages and Rougue ninja Well Thats it for now you want to know more join in on the action.......