Naruto Shinobi Avengers

by Runney001
Naruto Shinobi Avengers
A Naruto game thats fan based and has simple story elements from the Naruto series. [More]

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Date added: Aug 7 2009
Last updated: Feb 11 2012
Last played: Oct 30 2012
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Brand new Naruto game. Currently in Pre-Alpha testing stages.

Has Rp elements in the game.

Create your character anyway you want!

Elements are given based on what village your in meaning you have a higher chance of getting Katon in leaf or Suiton in Mist. (At least, that's how it is for now)

Introducing 2 new things that other Naruto games dont have...a Synthesis System and Samurai Occupation!

New Elements as well as Elements from the Movies are being planned for the game.

All new Chronicle System allows the whole game to decide the future of NSA. Depending on the villages Actions, Rp or Regularly, the games story will change which could effect the economies of villages and more!

War System enables villages that have bad blood to duke it out against each other. They can even ask for assistance from allied villages!

Legendary Weapons and Bijuu Hosts are elected based on the Selection System. Its as easy as become a fan of the hub page! No kidding, if you want a chance at getting a legendary weapon or bijuu, fan us!

If you wish to apply for Coder or Iconner, apply at the forums. We want a dedicated Staff. Workers will get great rewards.

Lead Coder:Runney(Owner/Admin)

Assistant Coders: None.


Hosters: Runney,Seighart(Part Time. We are searching for shell server)

Mappers: Seighart(Admin)

Support us at our forums! (Also, don't forget to become a fan!)


Youngest_Don: (May 30 2012, 5:06 am)
when will the game be back up
Sonicfan107: (Feb 9 2011, 10:19 am)
We currently need an extra coder,mappers,and good pixel artist. Most likely if you can fulfill one of those you may be granted gm or something related.