Wars of Time: A New Era

by Runney001
Wars of Time: A New Era
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Date added: Aug 4 2010
Last updated: Aug 22 2010
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Wars of Time: A New Era is Lemmyade Productions' first game project.

Story Line

It is the Year 4100 Humans have finally trancsended evolution, becoming "Humanoids" and are now veritable Demi-Gods. These super natural beings posess many mystical and powerful abilities, for example, they can alter the density and weight of their bodies to achieve flight, fire lethally hot photon beams by harnessing solar energy, and the ability to manipulate time at will. They are able to manipulate time because a scientist called David Carol was researching the concept of time. He found that a special element was found wandering across space.

He launched an expedition to space and captured this strange substance. He then experiemented on it and found that this substance gave anyone around it the power to control time. David Carol cealed this substance inside an hour glass made out of an in-destructable material. He then place the hour glass deep inside the Earths core.

This element was then infused within the Earth's core. The Earth then began producing more and more of this element. And so, each time the Earth's grass, rocks e.t.c, is remade, a part of this new element is infused in it. So now every Humanoid has the power to control time at will.

There was one Humanoid called Phillip Connel who wanted to use the hour glass for his own personal gain. His goal now is to drill down into the Earths core and retrieve the hour glass. He then plans on opening it an mixing the substance that enables people to control time with his own DNA. Will Phillip Connel Succeed? It is up to you to make sure he doesn't succeed! Or else the Earth will be annihilated!