Dragonball Z Saiyan Revenge

by Ryan the Assassin
Dragonball Z Saiyan Revenge
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-Revenge and History of The Saiyans-

-Revenge of the Saiyans-
Great legends born of names such as Goku..Vegeta...Gohan...Trunks...born of a extinct race called the Saiyans. After the mighty Saiyan Goku defeated Majin Buu's Reign of Terror. He trained his reincarnation Uub in the Lookout above but...one day Android 17 brought back from the wish made to revive all of cell's victims, collected all 7 dragonballs and summoned shenron. Dende told Goku what was happening so Goku fled to scene using Instant Transmission but it was too late..Andriod 17 wished Goku never lost his Memories of being a Saiyan and his now good memories cleaned. Thus causing Goku to go into Rage! Shenron says "Your wish has been granted", Causing the Dragonballs the spread across the world. Goku now stares at 17 with eyes of Rage killing him instantly with a dark green kameha wave. Now heading to the lookout using Instant Transmission Goku blast the lookout using these strange green energy blast. Dende and Mr. popo are hiding at Korins but feel the shaking above. Then a few dragonballs roll from a room inside the lookout...with black stars...Goku collects them and summons the Black Star Dragon, making a wish to restore all the Saiyans of the past, bringing them to the lookout. The dragon grants his wish, spreading the dragonballs over the Universe. Tons of Saiyans appear and Goku stands in the midst calling himself the new king and says earth will be the new planet of the Saiyans. Part 2 coming soon...

-History of Saiyans-
Although the manga does not tell of the origins of the Saiyan race, the complete history of the Saiyans was revealed in the anime. The Saiyans were a group of barbaric aliens who came to the Tuffles's cities to take their territory and technology. When the Saiyans first arrived they met the friendly Tuffles, an advanced scientific race who had no way knowing the Saiyans would eventually take the whole planet for themselves and destroy their race. Around 720 Age, a civil war broke out and the Saiyans tried many times to overthrow the Tuffles but were unsuccessful, sparking a ten year conflict on the planet. Although the Saiyans were bigger in size and physically far superior, they were fewer in number compared to the Tuffles. What also gave the Tuffles an upper hand was that they had technology to read the power levels of the Saiyans and advanced weaponry such as blasters to hold them off. Then, around 730 Age, the Saiyans were able to transform into Great Apes thanks to the full moon that only came once every 100 years, with this they finally annihilated the Tuffles and had the planet renamed (Planet Vegeta) after their commanding hero.
Meeting the Arcosians

After their victory, the Saiyans built a rocket ship and traveled to a near by planet called Arcose were they came in contact the Arcosians (little is know about this race as they are only mentioned once in the series by King Kai). The Arcosians had money and technology, but the planet Arcose was unsuitable, so they hired a group of Saiyans to take over a planet for them and in return they would share their technology with them. Over the years the Saiyans also learned how to use the Tuffles' advanced equipment and become smarter and less barbaric, although they still lusted for fighting and destruction.
Annexation by Frieza

Genocide of the Saiyans Around 735 Age, five or so years following the Saiyan victory over the Tuffles, the planet was conquered or annexed by Frieza's empire and the Saiyans (like many other races) were drafted to serve as soldiers in Frieza's military under the World Trade Organization. Because of the Saiyans' innate strength and penchant for violence, they were considered to be useful mercenaries and assisted in the conquering of many planets, or if assignment called for, eradication of the planet's population (even Saiyan children were considered powerful enough to conquer some of the weaker planets, such as Earth). Eventually, seeing how quickly some of the more gifted Saiyan warriors were gaining power through battle, Frieza grew concerned with the potential of the Saiyan race and thought that they would grow strong enough to face him or even become the fabled Super Saiyans, able to defeat him in battle so the maniacal warlord destroyed Planet Vegeta in 737 Age, nearly eradicating the Saiyan race. Only four pure-blood Saiyans survived the destruction: Kakarot (Goku), Vegeta, Nappa and Raditz as they were not on the planet at the time. Once the latter three discovered that their planet was destroyed, Frieza lied to them that an asteroid had hit their world, and offered them continued employment in return for eventual wealth.

The Saiyans were later finally avenged when Goku defeated Frieza on Planet Namek nearly two and a half decades later. Frieza later met his final end on Earth a year later when Future Trunks killed him. In the anime movies only, four more Saiyans survived the catastrophe: Turles, Broly, Paragus, and Tarble.


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