Naruto: Avengers

by Rynoll0
Naruto: Avengers
To download this game for your Linux/Mac installation, enter this on your command line:

DreamDownload byond://Rynoll0.NarutoAvengers##version=0

Emulator users, in the BYOND pager go to File | Open Location and enter this URL:


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Date added: Dec 5 2006
Last updated: Jan 4 2007
Last played: Dec 1 2012
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I am taking a break from this game. Going to work on Bleach: Untold Destinys and learn more coding.. Don't bother me unless you can offer to host this game 24/7 and have a fast computer.

I know you want to help me out by registering if you dont have a imvu on that ip already.. web_invitation.php?userId=7353296&from=power-email
by the way I am asking you to do this so I get credits so please!!!
Welcome, to Naruto: Avengers
Rank us and get Kyuubi/Cursed Seal also a free jutsu!

Player Rules:

1. No Spamming
2. No Advertising other Byond games-Boot then Ban
3. Listen to GMs
4. Don't complain about what a GM says. If you think that it is that unfair then tell Ryno.
5. No BUG Abusing!! Report all bugs you find to Ryno.
6. Don't flame GMs
7. No Academy(This means people inside the academy not people that are ranked Academy Student) killing
8. No multikeying
9. No AFK(Away from keyboard) training
10. Don't ask for Ranks!
11. Don't ask for tourny or Exams!!!
12. Don't spam kill failed summons. The result in this will be lose of your scrolls.
13. Don't ask for a Staff position apply in the forum.
14. No Spam killing
15. No spawn killing
16. No killing npcs
17. Don't Block enterances to anywhere.
18. Don't Complain about my Rules.
19. No Naruto Names.
20. Don't ask to be Edited.
21. Actually Read the rules!
22. Actually Follow the rules!

GM Rules:
1. Don't abuse powers
2. Don't act like a n00b.
3. Actually do your job or I can find someone else to do it for you
4. Follow the rules that normal players have
5. Don't ban staff without my permission.
6. Don't host a Chuunin Exam unless you know there hasn't been 2 already cause there should only be 2 a day.
7. Don't Host a Jounin Tourny(Unless you have Ryno's Permission).
8. Don't Host a Kyuubi/CS Tourny(Unless you have Ryno's Permission.
9. Don't Host a ANBU Tourny(Unless you have Ryno's Permission).
10. Don't Host a Kage Tourny(Unless you have Ryno's Permission).
11. Don't Give people free ranks(unless you have Ryno's Permission)
12. Don't give away kyuubi/Cursedseal unless they ranked the game or you have Ryno's Permission.


Hokage -
Kazekage -
Raikage -
Tsuchikage -
Mizukage -
Amekage -
Otokage -
Waterfall Hero -
Snow Feudal Lord -
Akatsuki Leader -
AKAT CoLeader -
SO Leader -
SO Co-Leader -
Hoshikage -
Shadow Leader - Hunter

Don't ask for Kage, or Kage Tourny!

Update List

This is the list of what the update will have in it.

Summonings/ Bijuus
1. Enma <---- Icon and Coding done
2. Ninkame <---- Icon done
3. Ninken <-------- Icon done
4. Doki
5. Umibozu
6. Kyodaigumo
7. Shukaku
8. Nibi<----------Icon Done
9. Sanbi<------ Icon Done
10. Ichibi
11. Yonbi
12.Gobi<---- Icon done
13. Rokubi
14. Shichibi
15. Hachibi

More NPCs
Gai <--- Icon Done
Iruka <--- Icon done
Yondaime <---- Icon done
Sarutobi <--- Icon done
Half Demon Form Gaara <--- Icon done
Cloud Ninja <---- Icon done
Nidaime <--- Icon done
Others I just haven't made this list yet...

More enemy ninjas
1.Akatsuki Members(with bounty on their heads)
2. Seven Swordsmen Organization( Bounty also)
I also need to add to this list when I get the time to...

New jutsus.
1. Suiton jutsus <--- Icon done
2. Star village jutsus
3. Sound village jutsus
4. lilix no jutsu( Dont even ask what that is)
5. Snow village jutsus
6. Yamanaka clan with Shintenshin no Jutsu
7. Clan Kurama with their jutsus
8. Temari- Kuchiyose: Kirikiri Mai, Kamaitachi no Jutsu, Daikamaitachi no Jutsu, Fūsajin no Jutsu. <--- Fan in invetory icon done, Wind's icon done, Fan in action icon done.

9. Kamizuri clan with their jutsus
10. Uzumaki- Tajuu Kage Bunshin no jutsu, Rasengan will be Uzumaki only now, Uzumaki Naruto Nisen Rendan(must use Tajuu kage bunshin no jutsu first), Uzumaki Naruto Combo( Must use kage bunshin or Tajuu kage bunshin), Naruto Ninpocho, Shihou Hapou Shuriken no Maki( Must use Tajuu kage bunshin first.), Double Rasengan(must use kage bunshin, and must have mastered your kyuubi.), Uzumaki clan will be able to Control Kyuubi better then anyone else with kyuubi, Harem no jutsu to change all of your clones into sexy form, and Ōdama Rasengan.

1.New Admin verb, Check IP for everyone in world(to help me further pervent multikeys)

2.Change Avatar with file ( I may not add this in but if I do I'll have to add rules about what you can and can't use.)

3.Change Avatar from the list of avatars that the game provides.

4.Request GM assistants

5.Report Abuser

6.Report a bug/glitch


8.Report Rule Breaker

9.The jutsu verbs for the new jutsus of course

10. Make it so you guys can use fix verbs..

Other stuff
Fix up the Avatar System
More objects, clothes, other stuff like that....
and lastly
Weapons/ Weapon System
That is all I have so far for the update we just started working on them.. but don't worry we work fast.



Rynoll0 - Owner
Riondyer - GM
Uchiha Brendan - Iconner and GM
Speedro - Coder and GM
Cloud2003 - Host and GM

If you want to send an Application for staff you can apply in the forum. You can contact us at [email protected]
Don't ask us for GM in MSN, ASK ON THE FORUM!!!

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Addmelol: (Apr 1 2011, 2:32 pm)
If you need icon or host contact me im your men but i will accpet if we are Owner Both (Co-Owner its ok) so my hotmail is :
[email protected]