Dragonball Worlds End 2

by SS10trunks
Dragonball Worlds End 2
This game is BACK and better than ever, Im redoing the system and hopefully going to release again soon!(12/29/06) [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version 1.1
Date added: Jun 23 2006
Last updated: Jun 24 2006
Last played: Jun 25 2006
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This game is back again, Worlds End 2.

This game is a rip from sage empire but has more than that ever had..

I completly redid the earth map..the buildings and all!

I added more transformations for almost every race!

This game contains a total of 12 planets and each one is destructible..and respwns from the dragonballs(theres 3 sets of them by the way) or they will respawn after a reboot!

Current GMs

Lord Gaara(Raiketsii, SS10trunks) - Owner/ Main Coder

Whitefang(Ozz34) - Co-Owner

D-roc(D-roc2k6) - Co-Owner/Host

Thats all..we need a few iconers..you have to be really good to apply for the job..and dont post any shit like..I cant icon or code but I can moderate..I am really nice with players and I will obey the rules...[NONE] of that bull..I will pick mods from players that play often.


1. No Ezing,paperweighting, or anything of the sort..

2. Do not disrespect gms..if you feel you are being treated unfairly..report it on the forums.

3. No Spamming(spam killing is not ok if its within 10 seconds!)

4. Bug abuse is strictly prohibited..report the bug rather than abuse it..if caught your banned..no questions asked..no excuses like.."I didnt know it was a bug"..total bull right there.

5. Dont ask for a boost or anything of the sort.. this is a realistic leveling server so live with it if you want to play.