Pokemon Origins

by Sabre000
Welcome To The World Of Pokemon Origins, Where Trainers Test Their Limits And Abilities To Become Powerful Beyond Measure! [More]

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Version Alpha
Date added: Oct 12 2011
Last updated: Mar 6 2012
Last played: Mar 6 2012
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Explore a brand new Pokemon Region, Joleon. In it are trainers itching to battle, wild Pokemon are waiting to be caught, and one question will always be asked.

"Do I have what it takes, to be a Pokemon Master?"

Pokemon Origins offers complex overworld battle system different from any other Pokemon game provided on BYOND. With a blooming community, and a constantly active developing team, and multiple features that diffrentiate itself as an original Pokemon game, satisfation is gauranteed.


- NPC Trainers

- 251 Pokemon Species

- A Developing Storyline

- A unique Quest system

- Automated Contest System

- And much more...




Alexander(Alexander08),Dion(Valen45), Deadron(Pathfinding Library), Foomer(Sound System), Gogeta(Bayshue_Staff)


Kyram(Logananthony) (24/7 VPS)

Pixel Artists/Iconners:

Kai(Demon189), Amber(Sara13243)

Richie(Richie100), Silver(???), Kanda(Kanda1000), DeepPurple(Lil-Diamond), Andy(Hyourinmaru.gR), Infusions(???)

Hub Design:

Alexander(Layout), Jeneko(Graphics)
Thanks for all your help!

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MALIKSTER: (Mar 11 2015, 1:33 pm)
I need it up, is it good to have this game up? I mean... like, its too fun.
Sabre000: (Apr 1 2012, 5:06 am)
Sorry guys, change of plans. Pokemon Origins will not be continued from this point on unless by popular demand to put it back up. I will be having a vote later on today or tomorrow to see who wants this back up and running again. If you guys say I should not, I will give a select few of people the source for their own work. Plus for a possible change in mind. Pokemon Regional will be less worked on if you guys want this game back up. I have some wonderful ideas on how PR will be setup and will be my biggest project yet! Choose wisely guys! Thanks for the support!

-- Sabre
Sabre000: (Mar 6 2012, 7:43 am)
I have now found a 24/7 Hoster. Expect this to be hosted immediately. I am still in need of Coders, Iconners, and Mappers!