Bleach: Untold Destinies

by Sasukeuchiha5494
Bleach: Untold Destinies
People say "Destiny" is something chosen before your birth...will you accept or fight your "Untold Destiny"? [More]

Medals Earned

No players have earned any medals yet.

Medals Available

Anger Management

wittness 100 kills

Loose Killer

get 10000 kills

Nothing But Time

stay in game for 100 hours


become a Gotei Squad Lieutenant


Become a Gotei Squad Captain

Mixed Race

Become a Arrancar,Vaizard, and Shinigami{Arraizardgami}

Espada Leader

Become The Infamous Espada Leader

Vaizard Leader

Become The Powerful Vaizard Leader

Quincy Elder

Become The Wise Quincy Leader/Elder

Full Hollowification

Enter Your Full Hollowfied Vaizard form


Become One Of Our Kind and Experienced Staff Members