Shinobi Of Legend

by Saucepan Man
Shinobi of Legend (SoL) is a Ninja MMORPG. Set on an expansive map, players can train their characters to match their own unique playing style. Training can be done solo, co-op, or by just playing the game. [More]
Version 4.3
Date added: Oct 15 2007
Last updated: Aug 12
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Only Windows users can play this game. If you are using an emulator, enter the URL for the game in File | Open Location on your BYOND pager menu.

byond:// [Version 4.3 - Season of the Veil - Wipe 10.20.23]
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The Return of the legend: A New Era Begins!

We're thrilled to announce the return of Shinobi of Legend after a thoughtful, forced, hiatus from the official hub. With fresh minds at the helm, we're embarking on a journey of revival and innovation.

A heartfelt shoutout to SPM for his dedication in recovering our hub page your efforts are sincerely appreciated.

We now bring a fusion of passion and expertise, ensuring a blend of cherished nostalgia and exhilarating advancements. Brace yourselves for a gaming experience that pays homage to our roots while embracing the endless possibilities of the future.

Stay tuned for thrilling updates, sneak peeks, and exclusive insights as we pave the way for a glorious revival. We're immensely grateful for your unwavering support and can't wait to embark on this exhilarating adventure with you.

Stay tuned for updates on what comes next,
Fry & Co

Important 2-part Announcement (5/SEPT/2016) - The Future of SoL and Free Source Code!

Part 1
It's extremely overdue, but I've finally conceded that I (Saucepan Man) don't have time for this project any more :( Nor will I in the future.

It is with a measure of regret, as well as relief that I'm passing this on to long-time host/custodian of SoL - "Mystery".

He currently possesses the source files for SoL, and has access to and control of this hub. There is nothing you as players need to do differently. The significance of this announcement is that hopefully the game will see some updates an progress.

My apologies to any previous/current staff member with whom I didn't discuss this move with. You guys have made SoL an amazing community and have driven the game's progress more than you probably realise. Everyone that appreciates this game owes you all a lot.
In recognition of this, you will retain your staff access/special privileges (subject to the 'direction' of the project. e.g. less reliance on a GM presence).

Part 2
I had tried to make a new project, to be a successor to SoL. But for the same reasons, this new project is being discontinued. The ambition was for it to be a more polished and easier-to-play game. Ideally compatible with a gamepad, without losing the complexity of all the spells, abilities, classes, and character paths.

Instead of letting it go to waste, I've posted it online for all to use, for free. I'm not a coding wizard, so apologies if there are dumb mistakes in it. That being said, it runs well and has a much prettier creation/login screen than SoL ever did (I did spend over 2 weeks on it alone). The controls are simpler, and the spells code is modular - in the sense that you only need to add 'variables' to create a new spell - which makes updating and adding spells super easy compared to other methods. Overall, it would have been a great game, if I had a hyperbolic time chamber to code it in.

Please be aware that, while I'm not a particularly great coder, the code involved is fairly tricky, so I wouldn't recommend it for new coders. Also, I won't be providing a guide on it etc. - You're on your own, sorry!

Here is the link (!g4Y31YJL!ki_LazPbSX71x1RFZYaFhlaYJOAhn0-n0 DCf1NU4q-g)

Download contains any and all assets for it - I'm holding nothing back from you guys. I relinquish all claim to intellectual property to the extent that it exists. Obviously any I.P. claim by FUNimation etc could be a thing. Removing Naruto images and renaming things will more or less free you up to create a for-profit game.

Thanks for everything guys, it was a blast!

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Orochimaru1000: (Oct 31, 10:10 pm)
Lmao I remember this, I'm Yashato Uchiha lol This was the very first and still the best online Naruto game that I ever played.
ScrewyParasite: (May 23, 2:29 pm)
Welcome back old friend...
Bessa_uchiha: (Dec 16 2019, 11:24 am)
why is it down ;C
Destroior: (Apr 6 2019, 1:14 pm)
Mystery clones sparring for reflexes are extremely slow not due to the gains but due to drain it should drain depending on your stamina but no it looks like it always drains completely in less than 10 secs so you keep resting barely sparring
MarianBlack: (Mar 31 2019, 4:47 pm)
Are their any links to more up to date host files, the ones on the page are lacking the QoL stuff the newer versions have.