NoM is a Ninja MMORPG. A still growing and changing Experience [More]

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Version 1.0.53
Date added: Dec 29 2014
Last updated: Jun 25 2019
Last played: May 22 2020
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Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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02/01/19 - Updates are starting again, stand ready

Looking to find a new mapper, replacing the map in the next updates

NoM is a Player vs Player game. It has some major Role playing elements built in, though isn't played as such, due to this it is a fairly immersive entry.

The game features a command hierarchy revolving around the control of economy and/or inter village relations. While employing the use of organizations, or factions unrelated to the villages themselves, a village leader can create turmoil or prosperity

it is currently a constantly changing consistently updated game looking for good ways to improve and expand, feel free to make suggestions and or offer up any criticism.

Patch Notes can be found Here


Cally101: (Dec 31 2017, 8:31 pm)
missing this game T_T JL Castiel for life <3
CriticMan: (Aug 3 2016, 7:23 pm)
Oh man screwy, Baby, I love you, Thank you for rebooting SoL as NoM
KingRememberedInTime: (Jul 17 2016, 12:06 am)
Love u Screwy
ScrewyParasite: (Oct 30 2015, 2:42 pm)
The game is not a rip; the source for the other game was never made public, it is a duplication yes because the developer has not worked on the game in YEARS.This game has been made from scratch with intention of replicating the other.
Paperfacce: (Sep 9 2015, 11:04 pm)
Booooo, this game is a rip and the admins are total assholes.