Mystic Journey

by Secxs
Entice your sense of exploration! [More]
Version 3
Date added: Mar 28 2008
Last updated: Apr 23 2016
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byond:// [Mystical Destiny 705]
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byond:// [Pre-Beta 0.80 Alpha (2/30) Players | | x55 Experience]
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Fight! Explore! Survive!

Campaign across a vast world offering plenty of critters to bash and items to collect. Make friends, form alliances, and dare to taste the pastries of success.

This game owes it's existence to countless people who have contributed over it's 10+ years of life. The thank you list is constantly growing and will likely never be complete. On behalf of all the players who have enjoyed this game:

Thank You!!!


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And many, many more...

Thank you for your continued support!


Maximus_Alex2003: (Jun 24, 4:10 pm)
Login to see how progress is going.
Greeted by "When Doves Die" by Prince.
Can't take the pressure and logout.
LOTRFAN: (Sep 24 2015, 3:15 pm)
So happy I am always able to come back to this game! Love seeing so many of the old school players still coming around. Love the updates and look forward to more! Hope we keep seeing new players enjoying this classic! =)
LOTRFAN: (Sep 24 2015, 3:11 pm)
I keep missing you when you come on! This is Fay btw =P
You should come around just to bullshit with the rest of us oldschoolers =)
Wikked_Klwn420: (Jul 3 2015, 1:22 pm)
This game brings back alot of memories. Lol. Old school players probably dont remember me much, I use to play back when Gunbuddy had his HUB and everyone had their own private servers, and I use to be an admin way back in the day on Jen's server. My key was Yamikaiba1236, name was Joe. Might have to hop on and play again sometime. I know alot of the keys listed on this HUB ^.^
Kaien007: (Jun 14 2015, 4:20 pm)
Graphics- Great for the game everything is consistent in the art style. Monsters look cute in the beginning of the game. Hopefully they get more ferocious.

Gameplay- Very Fun like runescape, better probably in my opinion. I like games where you can almost do anything. The treasure system is AWESOME! But the only thing is a player killer is someone who kills a player not stealing a treasure. It makes youu a thief instead. Constable NPCs Along with other players, should attack the thiefs, when they are stealing.
Mechanics- why arn't there macros for attack? why are we punching/attacking trees for twigs? cant we use a set of snips? and take it off that way? Why punch/attack rocks when we can use a pick axe? The Crafting is awesome great things to craft that make sense! Would be nice to make it so we craft a whole bunch of items in bundles or all at once. Holding the treasure increases its value makes sense and is a great thing to include.

Environment Atmosphere- Kind of quiet in the tutorial, add some music or nature sound effects.

Other Notes: To someone who is unfamiliar with byond or is just getting into it or a total "noob". Add a purpose or story for killing squirrels for no reason. Maybe a farmer says Help me by killing some squirrels before they destroy my apple orchard.

Thats pretty much it, I enjoyed the game but it just needs a bit more work done. 3.5/5