Universe of Comics

by SevenSinsGaming
Universe of Comics
Universe of Comics is a roleplaying game based on DC and Marvel Comics. [More]

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Version 2.0D
Date added: Jul 19 2010
Last updated: Nov 27 2013
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Universe of Comics
... is a game focusing on several forms of comic books, including DC Comics, Amalgam, Marvel, Image and Shadowhorse Comics. It is a Roleplaying Game in which the players shape the outcome of updates, and is not based upon verbs or stats.

It possesses a unique map centering in metropolis, with graphics that are NOT an eyesore, unlike most byond games.

With an array of races and powers, including, but not limited to;

Metahumans and Mutants
and so much more.

Universe of Comics is owned by Seven Sins Gaming, more specifically so, the Senior Partners; Samantha(Lust), Osiris(Pride), TheInfamousGamer(Greed), and Terra.

2010-2012 Seven Sins Gaming Team

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JohnofAstora: (Feb 26, 12:59 pm)
Kinda sad i have to be a byond member to be a Kryptonian, I have always wanted a good kryptonian character in a game, But sadly i cant afford to pay a byond subscription as i was recently "Let go" from my job. Is there any other way to play as a krytonian, Because i feel that i would make a good one.
Dragofiend20: (Jun 7 2013, 10:18 am)
Dear god! Why did it go down!?
The Infamous Gamer: (Oct 23 2012, 5:37 am)
You can. It just has to be approved. You are pretty much free to do whatever, within reason. But the power rangers are defined by the tights, and the explosions. That's the Tokusentai style.
Bcoates93: (Oct 11 2012, 8:17 pm)
question: Can I rp being a poweranger on here, sept without the gay tights and making explosions through poses
Lordjamex: (Aug 19 2012, 6:20 am)
If this game had a stat system and wasn't RP only it would make a pretty good PvP game.