Naruto: Revenge Of The Fallen

by Shadeslayerelder
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<<>>Naruto: Revenge of The Fallen Beta<<>>

~Rules and Regulations~
Player Rules:
1.)Respect all people in power (ex. Admins/GMs and other staff members)
2.)Listen to your Kage! (This is a naruto game, the kages are the leaders of the village, and should be respected as such. Do what your Kage tells you, or be booted from your village!
3.) No extremely offensive language... (This is a game. Now, I know people get mad at other people for ramdom things they do, but don't take your anger out on other through OOC.
4.) Absolutely No Adult Material! this will result in a IP BANNING!
5.)Have Fun! Now, I know this is kinda a given, but the staff of Naruto ROTF want you to just have fun! :D
6.)No AFK training for longer than 30 Mins. For me to allow this, You must be active for 30 mins for every 30 mins of AFK training, to proove you are active, just have conversations in OOC. or walk around and fight stuff :D

GM Rules
1.) NO abuseing gm powers
2.) NO boosting unless earned
3.) No editing yourself (this falls under rule 1, but i thought i would make this clear)
4.) No giving gm training or higher rank training

*Note: I reserve the right to add/change any of these rules as I see fit!

Owner: Shadeslayerelder
Owner: Modkonesoul
Admin/Co-Owner: Nick8065
Admin: (Open)

Kages: -- All Spots are currently open