Dragonball GT: Oblivion

by Shadow111
Dragonball GT: Oblivion
Oblivion is up and running! Bugs fixed, ideas taken! sign up in forums to talk about The best DBZ game alive! [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version 2
Date added: Oct 15 2007
Last updated: Nov 3 2008
Last played: Nov 8 2008
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Welcome to Oblivion - Shadow111
Founder/Coder/Owner/Ideas Guy/Tester



Game Admin

Founder/Coder/Skin Designer

The testing game of byond.
Added new races. Be very glad. :) Special thanks to Gogeta5K/lil Geta for all coding needs.

Version 2 is now out.


1°Do not kill in buildings, Around Yamcha or in Gravity/HBTC. ty!

2°Stop asking for Admin. Sign up in Forums.

3°If you want to rate my game, Yay! Else, ah well. Lol

Version II(2)Updates:

1°I added a map...lol...

2°I added plenty of Races, no more complaining.

3°In the process of fixing all of the transes, they are too powerful.

4°Adding faster levelling. Current Levelling is WAY too slow, make up for it with killing, training points and Dragonballs until it's fixed.

5°Adding Blackstar Dragonballs.

6°Have a 24/7 host now.

Version III(3)Updates:

1°Fixed all transes and Garlic.

2°Sped up leveling(this is in testing, could get better).

3°Fixed Scoreboard.

4°Fixed Hell Flash.

5°Fixed ALL dragonball problems, Shenron and Perunga.

6°Day and night, dont be freaked out, it's in the works.

7°Saves Erased

Coming soon...Version IV(4)Updates:

1°Going to try and add in the Blackstar Dragonballs.

2°Going to fix all bugs noted in forums.

3°Going to add membership benefits.